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03.07. - 04.07.2020
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28.06. - 29.06.2019
mit: King Diamond, Cradle Of Filth, Demons & Wizards, Cannibal Corpse, Vivaldi Metal Project, Carach Angren, MaYaN, Dool, Pestilence, Darkane, Enforcer, Wolfheart, Evil Invaders, Insanity Alert, Tankzilla, Manticora, Blaas Of Glory, For I Am King, Insurrection, Overruled, DJ's Post Mortem & Beard ...
24.06. - 25.06.2016
mit: Doro, Testament, Soilwork, Moonspell, Dragonforce, Finntroll, Primordial, Entombed A.D., Grave, Raven, Heidevolk, Entrails, Izegrim, Bliksem, Insanity Alert
19.06. - 20.06.2015
mit: My Dying Bride, Powerwolf, Madball, God Dethroned, Threshold, Legion of the Damned, Biohazard, The Gentle Storm, Moonsorrow, Herder
20.06. - 21.06.2014
mit: Annihilator, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Vicious Rumors, Leprous, Carach Angren, Exorcism, Death, Metal Church, Gamma Ray, Napalm Death, Arkona, Circus Maximus, MaYaN, Freedom Call, M.O.D., Nocturnus AD, Enthroned
21.06. - 22.06.2013
mit: Testament, Six Feet Under, Symphony X, Witchcraft, Amorphis, Anger As Art, Dyscordia, Hell City, Iced Earth, Inquisition, Misery Index, The Monolith Deathcult, Aborted, Blood Red Throne, Cryptopsy, Delain, Heathen, Jorn, Keep Of Kalessin, Marduk, Orange Goblin, Peter Pan Speedrock ...
29.06. - 30.06.2012
mit: Arch Enemy, Obituary, Vanderbuyst, Death Angel, Nom de Plume, Pathfinder, Andromeda, Omission, Eternity, Sinister, Bloodline, Damaged Justice, Braincasket, Devious, Wormrot, Glorior Belli, Hail of Bullets, Ancient Rites, Max Pie, Eden's Curse, Pro-Pain, Trail of Tears, The Gathering, Moonspell ...