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mit: Mal Élevé, Born from pain, Floya, Fatesealer, Carb, Hallways, Dan Fairhurst, Swansongs, Spectacle snakes, Sweed Dreams
mit: Egotronic, Taby Pilgrim & Liser, March, No Shelter, Lizard Fist, Tyran, Swamp Fire, Kings & Hurricanes, Color Kid
wurde abgesagt!
wurde abgesagt!
mit: Juse Ju, Off With Their Heads, Tequila And The Sunrise Gang, New World Depression, Fatzke, Grown Cold, Lost In Decay, Oatumn, Swan Songs, Enormous High Hotel, The Murderburgers, Soups, Great Escapes, Ivan Lobo, The Make Its
mit: Lygo, Pöbel Mc & Milli Dance, Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves, Drens, Forkupines
mit: Rogers, Moscow Death Brigade, Alex Mofa Gang, Waving The Guns, Funky Fizzle, Snareset, Hal Johnson, Shoreline, Wasted Brains, Metzer58
mit: Risk It!, Schmutzki, Trouble Orchestra, Idle Class, A Journey Home, I Am Noah, Uneducation, Troops of Doom, Cosmic Radiation, Solo Talent, Mike the Rooster
mit: Turbostaat, Neonschwarz, Rogers, Radio Havanna, Dreimillionen, Striking Justice, Rising Anger, Rocket Shots, Weathered, Kleinstadtpioniere, Kosmonovski, Haltbar, Raticide, Sublime Soundsystem
mit: Le Fly, Mr. Irish Bastard, Dritte Wahl, Tom Thaler & Basil, New World Depression, The Road Home, Spectacle Snakes, Clark Can’t, Raticide, Snareset, Fenryr, Simple High, Turbobart, Sublime Soundsystem
mit: His Statue Falls, Mega! Mega!, Home To Paris, Schlakks, Sudden Death, Da Impact, To The Test, The Road Home, Tantrum, Angels and Enemies, Under Hoods
mit: Ohrbooten, Eskimo Callboy, Eternal Tango, Swingin 'Utters, Bravour, Los Cinco Felices Cuatro, E is for Ego, Grown Cold, Simple High, T*FD*S, Pavement Poetry, Marauder
mit: Blackmail, Three Chord Society, Damniam, Dead Head Down, Knalleffekt, Tusq, Striking Justice, The Love, Sex and Motion Soundsystem, Copilot
mit: Citizen of Vega, Tooly Looly and the McBobbies, Bodyguerra, Difused, The Evergreen, Riptide, Der Fall Böse, Royal Republic, The Briggs, V8 Wankers, Itchy Poopzkid, Dadajugend Polyform, Joey Briggs
mit: Aberdeen, Tortured Spirit, These Racines, Ursa, Wat(t) nen Rock, Banana Butts, No heaven Awaits us, Spoiled Nikita, Dampfmaschine
mit: The Jacks, Mr.Mole & Sir Toby, Background Revolution, Metamorph, Layo, Sundive, New World Depression, Winston, Normahl, DaWholeEnchilada, The Bones, Siena Root
mit: Peter Pan Speedrock, Jenson, Blood Spencer, Helter Skelter, Eruption, Crash, Incoming illusion, Ms Hopeless & The Desasterboys, Tangerine Sky, Kokon, Chaos´ Feast, Jr. Now
mit: Swinging Bawlers, Out Of The Blue, Supersonic-v, Synthetic Spring, Livestock, Lampenfieber, Gilo, The Heartbreak Motel, Kleinstadthelden, Gun Barrel, Planlos, Black Ash