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07.06. - 09.06.2019
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17.05. - 20.05.2018
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01.06. - 04.06.2017
mit: Jukebox Junkie, Slow Horses, Applejack, Bird Mountain, Charly and the Outlaws, Country Connection, Duo Poppyfield, Jannet Bodewes & Countryline, Jodie, Lunchbox, Outlaws of Lubbock, Shadow Creek Ramblers, Sidewinder, Silver Nugget Band, The Country Wings, The Groovecake Factory, The Wild Roosters ...
12.05. - 15.05.2016
mit: Jukebox Junkie, Avery Jean, Cadi Country Rock, Charly & The Outlaws, Conny Roos, Duo Poppyfield, Scooter Lee, Sidewinder, Soulfire, Stomping Polly, Straight Flush, Country Club, The Country Wings, The East Hillside Countryband, The Wild Roosters
21.05. - 24.05.2015
mit: Jukebox Junkie, Barbara Portland, Cadi Country Rock, Countrybell, Conny Roos, Country Club, Country Connection, Danny June Smith, Duo Poppyfield, Flyin High, Free Bears, Jodie, The Lennerockers, Little Country Gentlemen, Marco Hemelrijk, Purling Brooks Band, Shadow Creek Ramblers, Shirley Ann ...
06.06. - 08.06.2014
mit: Jukebox Junkie, Arizona, Barbarella & Red Rock, Cadi Country Rock, Charly & The Outlaws, Chris McKenzie, Country Club, Crossfire, Duo Poppyfield, Eddy Gee, Free Bears, Jannet Bodewes & Countryline, Laura Van Den Elzen, Miki Peters, Purling Brooks Band, Shadow Creek Ramblers, Shirley Ann ...
17.05. - 19.05.2013
mit: Ann Doka, Arizona, Barbarella & Red Rock, Bernhard Hübner, Big River Country, Cadi Country Rock, Charly & The Outlaws, Country Connection, Country Delight, Crossfire, Duo Poppyfield, Eva East, Jannet Bodewes & Countryline, Jodie, Jukebox Junkie, Nashville Express, Open Road, Purling Brooks Band ...
25.05. - 27.05.2012
mit: Shirley Ann, Madison, Die Glorreichen Zwei, Flat Tires, Arizona, Wild Bunch, DB Rose Band, Two From Heart, Smokie J. Jones, Mockingbirds, Churchtown Cowboys, Seven Loons, Cadi Country Rock, Steve & Heather, Boomer MC Lennan, Lousiana, Rio Carter, Jodie, Western Sunset, Danny June Smith, Eva East ...
10.06. - 12.06.2011
mit: Scooter Lee, Dagmar Lay, Big City Indians, Oklahoma, Irish Coffe Band, Hermann Lammers-Meyer, Cadi Country Rock, Danny June Smith, Fire Hawk, Eva East, Rebel Bunch, Hillbilly Deluxe, Texas Rooster, Smokie J. Jones, City Slickers, Big River Country, Country Club, Buckaroos, Yendis, Madison ...
21.05. - 23.05.2010
mit: Dusty Woodfield, Eva East, Crossfire, Charly & the Outlaws, Iron Valley, Desert Style, Gunter Gabriel, Flyin' Turtles, Tin Wheel, Maggies Farm, Danny June Smith, Barbara Portland, Eva East / Dusty Woodfield / Smokie J. Jones, Jesse Taylor Band, Black Horse Country Band, Johnny Cash Experience ...
29.05. - 31.05.2009
mit: Santa Fe Express, Southern Wheels, City Slickers, Cash Carter Tribute, Rubber Duck, Wild Bunch, Jill goes Country, Eva East, Atlanta Bernie, Ralf Dee, Fiedel Jo & CO, Cadi Country Rock, Colorado Five, Smokie J.Jones, Miss Behavin, Maggis Farm