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13.09. - 15.09.2019
mit: Old Baby Mackerel, Cup O' Joe, The Everlovin' Minds, Bakerfield, Leon Hunt and Jason Titley, The Down County Boys, The Rosellys, Ale and Cakes, Stompin' Dave & his Bluegrass Band, Jolene and Joe Hymas, Pet Yeti, Basstree String Band, The Renegade Pilgrims, Chadwell Hillbillies, The Morris Boys ...
14.09. - 16.09.2018
mit: Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike, Flats and Sharps, Thunderbridge Bluegrass, The Farwells, The Goat Roper Rodeo Band, The Down County Boys, Assembly Lane, The Reckless Abandoners, The Hogranch, Cardboard Fox, Blossom Hill, Kieran Towers & Charlotte Carrivick
15.09. - 17.09.2017
mit: The Down County Boys, Bakerfield, Leon Hunt n-Tet, Thunderbridge Bluegrass, The Kentucky Cow Tippers, The Farwells, The Hogranch, Wood, Wire and Words, The Horsenecks, Cardboard Fox, The Bow-Legged Skeeter, Down Trodden String Band
16.09. - 18.09.2016
mit: Barcelona Bluegrass Band & Henrich Novák, Cup O'Joe, Blossom Hill Bluegrass Band, Dan Walsh & John Dowling, The Down County Boys, The Grass Snakes, The Hot Rock Pilgrims, L.Bow Grease, Next Generation Bluegrass Band, The Reckless Abandoners, Thunderbridge Bluegrass
18.09. - 20.09.2015
mit: 4 Wheel Drive, Appaloosas, Buffalo Gals and Stampede, The Carrivick Sisters, Dalebilly, The Dude Coopers, Flats and Sharps, Growling Old Men & Ben Somers, Harpeth Rising, The Hot Rock Pilgrims, Jacey and Dan, Jaywalkers, The Kentucky Cow Tippers, The Morris Boys, The Thunderbridge Bluegrass Band ...
12.09. - 14.09.2014
mit: Acorn Shakers, Barcelona Bluegrass Band, Bakers Fabulous Boys, Bakerfield, Biggin Hillbillies, Blossom Hill Bluegrass Band, Blue Horyzon, Bow-legged Skeeters, Flats and Sharps, The Grass Snakes, Jacey & Dan, Jaywalkers, The Kentucky Cow Tippers, The Moretons, Dana & Susan Robinson ...
13.09. - 15.09.2013
mit: Louvat Brothers, Jack Lawrence & Richard Plank, Barcelona Bluegrass Band, Down and Out Bluegrass Band, Appaloosas, Bakers Fabulous Boys, Blossom Hill Bluegrass Band, Carrivick Sisters, Catherine Burke Band, Down County Boys, Dude Coopers, Flats and Sharps, Gollywhoppers, The Kentucky Cow Tippers ...
14.09. - 16.09.2012
mit: Amy Harrison & the Secondhand String Band, About Time, Barcelona Bluegrass Band, Bakerfield, Buffalo Gals, The Carrivick Sisters, Dana & Susan Robinson, Down & Out Bluegrass Band, Down County Boys, Leon Hunt n-tet, Mad Dog Mcrea, Papa Truck, Slow Down Boys, The Thunderbridge Bluegrass Band ...
16.09. - 18.09.2011
mit: More Growling Old Men, Steve Kaufman, Debby McClatchy, Johnny Butten & Telegraph Road, A Band Like Alice, Amy Harrison & The Secondhand String Band, Flats and Sharps, Kidnap Alice, Lynne Butler Band, North Drive, Salmagundi, Stompin Dave Allen, The Thunderbridge Bluegrass Band ...