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mit: The Avengers, Pro Pain, Gulag Beach, A Pony Named Olga
06.06. - 07.06.2014
mit: The Movement, The Jancee Pornick Casino, Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss, Deecracks, The Pikes, Slaughter And The Dogs, The Baboon Show, The Lurkers, Cyanide Pills, Bella Wreck
07.06. - 08.06.2013
mit: Boskops, The Kids, Giuda, The Ricky C Quartet, Smelly Caps, The Twitchblades, Savage Riposte, Cafespione, 1982, The About Blanks
01.06. - 02.06.2012
mit: Sonny Vincent, Peawees, Ashtones, Venusshells, Fancy Dolls, The Boys, The Lombego Surfers, The Jancee Pornick Casino, Teenage Love Guns, Gangnails
03.06. - 04.06.2011
mit: 2nd District, Argies, Ashtones, Benke, Cute Lepers, Dumbell, Eddie And The Hot Rods, Henry Fiats Open Sore, The Movement, Nonstop Stereo, The Offenders, Pascow, Pipes and Pints, Rastaknast, Volt Ghosts
04.06. - 05.06.2010
mit: Guitar Gangsters, The Apers, Trotskids, 2nd District, The Kleins, Shoemakers, Eleanor Lance, The Bat Bites, Escalator Haters
05.06. - 06.06.2009
mit: The Paparazzi, Accelerators, Lost Lyrics, Smelly Caps, Dritte Wahl, Bonobo Crew, Francesco, Cheap Stuff, The Kleins, Nonstop Stereo, The Crooks, Guitar Gangsters, Supernights, Off with their heads
06.06. - 07.06.2008
mit: Johnny Wolga, Cheap Stuff, Nimrods, Bankrupt, The Headlines, Eleanor Lance, The Sentiments, The Not Amused, Battledykes, Sperrzone, F.a.n.t.a.!, Smelly Caps, The Apers, Blitzkrieg Boys, Pascow