Château Perché Festival

From: 25.07.2019 To: 28.07.2019
Das Festival war vor 117 days

Perché People,
Humanity is used to struggle on the Earth, eternally eager to eventually enter a superior world. Château Perché is an invitation to create together our own paradise. This unique venue, where time and space will fade away is called "L'Arboretum de Balaine". At once glade and exotic forest, France's oldest private arboretum and its 3 500 plant species will provide the decor for a 4-day life celebration from Thursday the 25th to Sunday the 28th of July 2019.
Your ears and eyes will be nourished by 11 stages as your soul is transported to another dimension. In perpetual evolution, Château Perché will open a space dedicated only to experiments and expression, where fun, convivial, unexpected workshops and sexy, crazy, preposterous performances will guide you along the path to euphoria.
Spotted for their talent, away from the spotlight, 250 creators of paradisiacal universe, melodious wizards, maestros of decoration, will place you in a crowd in perfect cohesion, enjoying true freedom, allowing your body and spirit to dance like they never did before, or did they?
You are an important piece of this beautiful heaven, this is why you are going to bring as many insane costumes and indecent totems as possible, you will be curious and lovely, and something magical will happen

House, Techno, Drum & Bass, Psytrance,... mehr
House, Techno, Drum & Bass, Psytrance, Progressive Psytrance, Electronic, Global Bass, EBM ... close
Category: Elektronische Festivals
Admission: VVK 130 €
Location: Arboretum de Balaine
Postcode: 03460
City: Villeneuve-sur-Allier
Country: Frankreich
Website: Château Perché Festival


Automatic Soundsystem, Darween, Gab Jr, Guillermo Jamas, Jacan, Lamache, Nico Dee, Alec Falconer, Dr Banana, Flore, Ghetto 25, Lumbago, Prince De Takicardie, Roux, Son of The South, Skwig, Snkls, Tsaab, Alias Ed, Cesar & Jason, Dada Disco, Dj Koyote, Dojas, Ixell, Milan Kobar, Scrounger, SBKS, Zobmachine, Akzidance, Collectif Jean Mamadou, Collectif Maraboutage, David Walters, Kungobram, Sebastien Forrester, Ciccio From Tizi, Collectif Double Cosmos, Cornelius Doctor, Mettani, Neskeh, Paloma Colombe, Taxi Kebab, TropiKal Camel, Warum, Wiket, Catastrophe, Collectif Limbololo, Elkka, Les Vilains Chicots, Mohammed Vicente, Sidi&Co Crew, Tushen Raï, Aperobic, Boom Tchak Show, Gre, K-nouchL-xir, Mula, Nezik, Edgar Acid, Gitanes Sheitan Sans Filtre, It Wasn't Me, Rouge Moitié, Paolo Pinkel, Aluna Project, Andi Andean, Barda, Kaleema, Kotoe, Lady Sixsky, Pasaje Universo, Rafael Aragon, Thornato, Yeahman feat. Mina, Yemanjo, A.Morgan, Mad Jess, Milenà, Mind, Matter, Inger Illel, Size Pier, Spunoff, Angel Karel + Perf, Corbeille Dallas, L.A.S + Perf, MAZE, Njuns, No One Famous + Perf, Nyx Sorgel, Z.A.N, Contresoirée, De Vedelly, Gyzmo Adekwatt, Kris Baha, Lärmly, Mab, O.N.L, Bratri, Ben Osborne b2b Ben Gobel, Himalayan Dalai Lama, Joseph S Joyce, Kalle, Mighty Rumble Arklow, North Atlas, Peter Hepworth, Ygal Ohayon, Casse Gueule, Døøm, Elephantz Crew, Goth De Riches Et Punk Bourgeoise, L'orchidée Cosmique, Princesse Näpalm, The Wheal, Vorace, Vyryl, Aurore de Saint Baudel, Chevalien, Gerard Jugno 106, Hélène Vénère, Hildegarde, Irritator Raskognet, Kid Among Giants, Mor, Peow Beow x Dlght, Quartier Libre, Super Sans Plomb, Töfie, Bredrin Record, Dj Chien, Dj Hemisphere, Dmt, Doki Doc, Innershade, Pds Crew, Solitary Shell, Yner, Ajna, Ahxat, Autoflow, In Media Res, Mosba, Paulo Gonçalves, Saidu Manitu, Sinusthésis, Slip Hypnotik, Suduaya, Tom Vaylo, Dlsm, Dubanko, Hf Dub, Kanay, Microsphere, Noize Tackle, Ollie, Rajax, Serotonine, Tiux & Ceasure, Wrank, Yayoland, Daensen, Mary Quo, Unfuq, Raphael Hofman, Samy El Moudni + Protocole d'Extase, Schlepp Geist, Skøllaris, Andreas Rauscher, Bonnie Ford, garstique, leschueft, Nayan Soukie, Yolanda Frei, Amount, jane Ulé, Jaqueline Dior, Leise, miAs, Martin Saupe, Tony Casanova, Wuza all stars, Cédric Blavier, Ditti, Malek, Leandro, Quixosis, Sidirum, Shimon, Emerging Patterns, Röpe, Sev Dah, Wild AspectYuka, Chami, Ferdinand Prairie, Kim, OP/H, Ron Albrecht, A.Silentio, Adriana Lopez, Benales, Claudio PRC, Focal, Pierre Paris, Adrien Glineur, Antoine Calvino, Ghost In The Chill, Gildas Bouchaud, Kino Doscun, Renaud Bajeux, Sound Strider, Thibault Madeline, Tr6-telos, Trio André Curieux, Vito Lucente, 4bstr4ck3r, Kub, Mindust, Ninon, Romain Play b2b Benedetta, Clément Parmentier, Mikl Mk, Rheyne, Sylvain Lemêtre b2b Jean Jacques Birgé, Svindron, Xenomorph, Arceka, Asteria Karavan, Bédric Clavier, Black Venus, Cie Vaporium, Cocovingt, Curuba, Döm, Dolores Antić, Da Iguana, Ethnokult, Farry, Florent Ruppert, Flow'In, Genevegas, H20, Kaöb, Keimo, Kelly Le Grand, La Bête Rousse, Le Cirque aléatoire, Les Joyeux Pingouins en Famille, Love Foundation, Nunsense, Ritualistas, Psycho Tropiques, Tangerine, The Retreat People, Twilight Box
Château Perché Festival Château Perché Festival

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