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mit: 666 The Nightmare, Go! For The Groupies, One Step Beyond, Shabby Harry's
31.05. - 01.06.2013
mit: Vanderbuyst, John Coffey, Magnetica, Kiss Lickss, Cell 29, Speakerpunch, The Altodite, Braader Willy, Backstienk Boys, Bang Bang Bazooka, Gewapend Beton, Sweet Vendetta, Bullshine, The Shabby Harry's, Red Rocket
11.05. - 12.05.2012
mit: Rattlesnake Shake, Surrender, Arcadium, O.S.B., ReVamp, Heidevolk, Vannstein, Volbeer, IC/TC, Ghost Division, Remember October, Renegades, Right for the Raven
mit: Shabby Harry's, Worst-El-Aars, Axe, Go For The Groupies, Heartwork, Picture, Peter Pan Speedrock, Steeler, Icon, Challenger, Shagging Ponies
mit: Ongekend Talent, Zero Friction, Overgrown, The Playmates, Rattle Snake Shake, New Adventures, 666 The Nightmare, When all light dies, Drag Cellar, Worst el aars, Ceremony of Opposites, All on Black, Otis
mit: Idiot Prof, Troy Torino, Bintangs, Rattlesnake Shake, Oliver Dawson Saxon, MpirE