Lehrter Bluesfetival - Blues in Lehrte - Das Archiv

mit: Richie Arndt & Gregor Hilden & Pitti Hecht Acoustic Trio, Janice Harrington, Blues Company feat. The Fabulous BC Horns & The Soul Sistaz, Rozedale, Pickup The Harp
mit: Michael van Merwyk & Bluesoul, Florian Lohoff Band, Thorbjörn Risager & The Black Tornado, Mason Rack Band, Pickup The Harp
mit: Black Market III, Timo Gross, Josh Smith, Danny Bryant & Big Band, Pickup The Harp
mit: Pickup The Harp, Lösekes Blues Gang, Lisa Lystam Family Band, Sugaray Rayford Band
mit: 17Zoll Band, Abi Wallenstein & Blues Culture feat. Günther Brackmann, Kai Strauss & The Electric Blues Allstars, Tommy Schneller Band, Pickup The Harp
mit: Marius Tilly Band, Mojo Hands, Tim Mitchell Band, Nikki Hill, Greyhound George & Andy Grünert
mit: Johnny Rieger Band, Layla Zoe, Jan Mohr & The Backschratchers, The Hamburg Blues Band feat. Maggie Bell & Miller Anderson
mit: Alegra & The Özdemirs feat. The Özdemirettes, Mariella Tirotto & The Blues Federation, Jessy Martens & Band, Sharrie Williams & The Wiseguys, Blues in the Box
mit: Captain Resto, Jimmy Reiter Band, Thorbjorn Risager, Veldman Brothers, Die Autobahnkapelle
mit: Cold Shuffle, Jan Gerfast & The Texas Connection, Trickbag feat. Sven Zetterberg, B.B. and The Blues Shacks, The Juke Joint Pimps