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05.08. - 07.08.2022
mit: Ccr Tribute Band, Dj Alex:, Mit Ohne Strom, Blues Power, Dougie & The Blind Brothers, Coversnake, Schreyner, The Bangaroos, High South, The Hellraizörs, Nitrogods, Blessed Hellride, Justice
05.08. - 08.08.2021
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30.07. - 02.08.2020
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01.08. - 04.08.2019
mit: Sepultura, Rose Tattoo, The New Roses, The Picturebooks, First Generation Of Number Nine, Dark Sky Choir, The Wild, Ohrenfeindt, Blues Power, Ski King, Nightrider, F.U.C.K, Rocco Recycle, Dougie & The Blind Brothers, The Silverettes, The Reverend Andrew James Gang, Rocksin, Mit Ohne Strom, Smash
02.08. - 05.08.2018
mit: Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Stahlzeit, The Picturebooks, The New Roses, Murder One, Ski King, RockSin, Hank Davison, Nitrogods, Rocco Recycle, The Reverend Andrew James Gang, Dougie & The Blind Brothers, Ray Black & The Flying Carpets, Mit ohne Strom, Smash, Justice, Motion Sound
03.08. - 06.08.2017
mit: Iced Earth, Krokus, Thundermother, John Diva and the Rockets Of Love, The Blue Onions, Dougie & The Blind Brothers, The Silverettes, The Reverend Andrew James Gang, Ski King, Rocco Recycle, Chp
04.08. - 07.08.2016
mit: Battle Beast, Saxon, Stahlzeit, Murder One, The Lennerockers, The Reverend Andrew James Gang, Ski King, The Silverettes, Flatman, Horseroof City Rockers, Converted, Gitty Fischer, Kuhboys, Rocco Recycle, First Generation, Mike Hempel
30.07. - 02.08.2015
mit: Doro, Leningrad Cowboys, Mallet, BONFIRE, The New Roses, 9mm Assi Rock'n'Roll, Red Back Spyders, Converted, Ski King, Gitty Fischer, Kuhboys, Motion Sound, Rocco Recycle, Mike Hempel
31.07. - 03.08.2014
mit: Black Star Riders, Hayseed Dixie, Snakecharmer, Sonnie Ronnie & The Shotguns, JJ Waterman, Ski King, Gitty Fischer, Blackjack, Dezperadoz, Blues Power, Dr. Woo's Rock'n Roll Circus, Kuhboys, Bit of all, Motion Sound, Rocco Recycle, Mike Hempel
01.08. - 04.08.2013
mit: Gotthard, Crematory, Justice, First Generation, The Monroes, Ski King, Space Truckers, Gitty Fischer, Mike Hempel, Dr. Woo's Rock'n Roll Circus, Rocco Recycle, The Booze Bombs, The Blueballs, Dispatch Skulls, Rockaholic Rebels, Remember Rory, Mynority
02.08. - 05.08.2012
mit: Saxon, Stahlzeit, Justice, Rocco Recycle, Sulander, Ski King, Mai Lin, Bon, Gitty Fischer, Pussy Sisster, Blues Power, Red Back Spyders, Ricardo Domingos, Danny & the Wonderbras, First Generation, Gil Edwards & The Knuckleheads
04.08. - 07.08.2011
mit: Primal Fear, Trez Hombrez, Chp, Motorjesus, Audio Gun, Mad Max, Speedbottles, Gitty Fisher, Blues Power, Black Thunder Ladies, Rocco Recycle, Ski King, V8 Wankers, Mike Hempel
05.08. - 08.08.2010
mit: Spencer Davis Group, Leningrad Cowboys, Ohrenfeindt, Ski KIng, Rocco Recycle, Dispatch Skulls, Gitty Fisher, 9mm Assi Rock'n'Roll, Audio Gun, Sulander, Blues Power, Quo, Wizard, Fake
06.08. - 09.08.2009
mit: Tito & Tarantula, Stahlzeit, The Priest, CHP, Flash, First Child, Mac Loud
07.08. - 10.08.2008
mit: Hellraisers and Beerdrinkers, Gitti Fisher, Hank Davison, MacLoud, Moderate Pace, Mr. Ski, Rock Of Fame, Ski Kings Country Trash, Stahlzeit, Ten Years After
09.08. - 12.08.2007
mit: Rose Tattoo, SLP, MacLoud, Troglauer Buam - Heavy, Volxsmusik, Gitty Fisher, Sky King, Flashback, CCR tribute Band, Blues Brothers Revival Show, Sunny Boddom Boys
10.08. - 13.08.2006
mit: Javelin, The BossHoss, Mad Mixx, Bourbon Street, Mac Loud, Gitty Fisher, Breaker, Wizard, C H P, Hells Belles, Jump The Gun, Ski King