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mit: Roy Ellis & The Magic Touch, Bad Manners, Intensified, Die Tornados, 86 Crew, Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation, Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels
mit: Bad Manners, The Judge Dread Memorial, Oxo86, The Hacklers, Yellow Umbrella, Port Royal
mit: Roy Ellis, Thee Hurricanes, Blechreiz, Buster Shuffle, Jackie Mendez, Xiantoni Ari, Xavier Lynch, The Talks, The Valkyrians, Leo & The Lineup
mit: Stranger Cole & Doreen Shaffer, The Selecter, Two Tone Club, The Offenders, The Frits, The Skatoons, The Hacklers, Wonderska
mit: Babylove & The Van Dangos, Boss Capone, Talco, The Hotknives, El Bosso & Die Ping Pongs, Distemper, Rude Rich & The High Notes, Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels, Yellow Cap
mit: Bad Manners, Buster Shuffle, Blechreiz, The Upsessions, Judge Dread Memorial, Spartan Allstars, Bluekilla, Bandylegs