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mit: Make An Effort, In The Name Of Progress, State Owned Enterprise, Copyriot, Forever It Shall Be, Welcome Karen, The Sleeper, Walking Dead On Broadway, Lights Finding Ourea, Annisokay, A Traitor Like Judas, Heart In Hand, Ophelias Great Day
mit: State Owned Enterprise, A Dreadful Vision, Stolen Pleasure, Through Devastation, Sleeve, The Sleeper, Annisokay, Bitter Verses, A Traitor Like Judas, Six Reasons To Kill, War From A Harlots Mouth
mit: Mourning Son, Relive Your Fall, Welcome Karen, Without Words, Last Chapter, Nesaia, Blonk, Myra, All For Nothing
mit: Never Die Alone, Forever It Shall Be, Doomed Men, Ophelias Great Day, Beneath The Dying Sky, To Cut A Slice, Cathexes, Act Of Desperation, Nasty, Narziss