Shankra Festival 2023

From: 12.07.2023 To: 16.07.2023
Das Festival war vor 340 days

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Shankra Festival 2024

Our valley is still vibrating with that incredible energy created by your dancing, swaying bodies and souls, all enhanced with overwhelming kindness and passion.

We are beyond thankful to every single one of you who joined our gathering to celebrate Life with your beautiful smiles to launch a story which will continue...

Our deepest-felt desire is to gaze in wonderment, inspired by these graceful trance-state minds dancing together, exploring themselves ... leading up to the blossoming of pure joy by only "being" and to gain knowledge.
The mere existence of a wide variety of rays flowing in from the same sources of energy ... be it Nature, God or Love.

Shankra Festival starts on Wednesday 12 July with great booming chill-out till Thursday morning; as a musical journey, the line up will progressively develop with care, love and energy.

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Psytrance, Progressive Trance, Techno,... mehr
Psytrance, Progressive Trance, Techno, HiTech, Minimal, Electronic, Progressive Psytrance, Dub, Psychedelic Minimal Techno, Downtempo, Trance, Ambient, Progressive Techno, Dark Psytrance, FullOn, Progressive House ... close
Category: Goa Festivals - Elektronische Festivals
Admission: VVK 150 CHF
Postcode: 6558
City: Lostallo
Country: Schweiz
Website: Shankra Festival


5am, Adama, Aeon Cosmowyn, Airi, Aka Nina, Alien Trancesistor, Alienatic, Alpscore, Amras, Ananda, Antix, Apollyon, Argetorix, Arkadia, Arkasha, Ashnaia Project, Asura, Athriom, Atmos, Atomic Pulse, Bamboo Forest, Bitkit, Bogtrotter, Braingineers, Brojanowski, Burn In Noise, Caemix, Chris Rich, Chrizzlix, CornFlakes 3D, Cosmic Shake, D-Nox & Beckers, D-Ther, Dark Whisper, Day Din, Dekel, Denshi Danshi, Dickster, Didraprest v.s Indra, Digital Stone, Djantrix, DM-Theory, Dusty Kid, Dynastor, Eartha Harris, Effim, Einmusik, Eitan Reiter, Eliza, Emok, John Phantasm, Face Design, Fagin's Reject, Feeding Spring, Fiddle Faddle, Filterheads, Filteria, Fiord, Flegma, Gaudi, Gaudi All Stars Orchestra, Globular, Gotalien, Green Nuns of the Revolution, Grouch, Grouch in Dub, Hashashin, Heimya, Hibernation, Hilight Tribe, Hishiryo, Hotline, Human Element, Hypnoise, Hypogeo, I.X.O.P, Ibojima, Ikon, Ilai, Infected Mushroom, Inner Coma, Inner Sphere, Interactive Noise, Invisible Reality, Jaia, Jedidiah, Jimi Green, Johhny Blue, Kala, Kaya Project, Kaya Project feat Irina Mikhailova, Khainz, Khaos Sektor, Killatk, Kobi, Krama, Living Light, Loose Connection, M-Run, M-Theory, M.Solez, Maluns, Man With No Name, MAOA, Mekkanika, Mementomor, Mentalecho, Mercuroid, Mindsurfer, Mindwave, Morten Granau, Myth Helia, Nanoplex, Nebula Meltdown, Ninesense, Ninsa, Ninshu, NoFace, Okapi, Out Of Orbit, OxiDaksi, Oxyflux, Perfect Stranger, Pixel, Profiler, Prometheus, Protoculture, Proxeeus, Psynonima, SamJex, Sectio Aurea, Selective Mood, Serenity Flux, Shadow Chronicles, Shshno, Sick Noise, Silent Sphere, Skyobserver, Sound of Snow, Sourone, Mad Maxx, Spacewave, Spectra Sonics, Spinal Fusion, Spirit & The Guide, Sun Project, SuperModule, Symbolico, Symphonix, Takkra, Tau Ceti, Technical Hitch, The Bitzpan, Third Eye of the Poet, Ticon, Tim Schuldt & Four Carry Nuts, TransalentOM, Triforce, Tripswitch, Tron, Tropical Bleyage, True Lies, Unique Repeat, Val Vashar, Bizzare Contact, Vibrasphere, Virtuanoise, Volcano, Waio, Xenrox, Yaminahua, Yebah, Yotopia, Yuli Fershat, ZeeBaa, Zen Baboon, Zenergetica, Zyce

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