Shankra Festival 2019

From: 17.07.2019 To: 21.07.2019
Das Festival war vor 665 days

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Our valley is still vibrating with that incredible energy created by your dancing, swaying bodies and souls, all enhanced with overwhelming kindness and passion.

We are beyond thankful to every single one of you who joined our gathering to celebrate LIFE with your beautiful smiles to launch a story which will continue...

Our deepest-felt desire is to gaze in wonderment, inspired by these graceful trance-state minds dancing together, exploring themselves ... leading up to the blossoming of pure joy by only "being" and to gain knowledge.
The mere existence of a wide variety of rays flowing in from the same sources of energy ... be it Nature, God or Love.

Shankra Festival starts on Wednesday 17 July evening at 18:00 with great booming chill-out till Thursday morning; as a musical journey, the line up will progressively develop with care, love and energy.

Psytrance, Progressive Trance,... mehr
Psytrance, Progressive Trance, Electronic, Ambient, Progressive Psytrance, Psydub, Progressive, Dark Psytrance, Techno, FullOn, World Music, Reggae ... close
Category: Goa Festivals - Elektronische Festivals
Admission: VVK 100 - 160 €
Postcode: 6558
City: Lostallo
Country: Schweiz
Website: Shankra Festival


GoaGil, Aioaska, Ajna, Ananda Shake, Anficlavis, Aphid Moon, Audiomatic, California Sunshine, Daksinamurti, DemoSys, Divination, Drip Drop, Eclipse Echoes, Electrypnose, Escape, Estefan0 Haze, Etnica, Filterheads, Filteria, Fungus Funk, Gaudium, Groovebox, Hatta, Human Element, Hypnocoustics, Hypnoise, Imagine Mars, Indra, Infx, Ingrained Instincts, Juno Reactor, Kabayun, Laughing Buddha, Lish, Logic Bomb, Mahi, Mekkanika, Metronome, Naima, NOK, Ninesense, Norma Project, OliveTreeDance, Phobos, Protonica, Sesto Sento, Shakta, Silicon Sound, Southwild, Spectra Sonics, Spinal Fusion, StarSeed, Talamasca, The Muses Rapt, Total Eclipse, Transient Disorder, Tryambaka, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Vertical Mode, Volcano, Waio, Whiptongue, Zephirus Kane, Atmos, AngryLuna, Abc, Ankti, Arctika, Asaya, Axon, Armonix, Bi-Molecular, Blisargon Demogorgon, Cämix, Creator, Dark Whisper, Djapatox, Drift Away, Edi, Effim, Eitan Reiter, Emok, Face Design, Flash Jack, Flowjob, Flugbegleiter, Hasche, Headweller, Human Eyes, Insane Creatures, Khainz, Kynethik, Liquid Cat, Loopus In Fabula, LunaRave, M.Solez, Mama Gaia, Melt, Mindsurfer, Minimalcircle, Müstik, Oxidaksi, Perfect Stranger, Plasmoon, Razael, RückSicht, S-Range, Sectio Aurea, Section303, Silent Sphere, Sinerider, Sonlight, Sphynx, Sumiruna, Suspect One, Technical Hitch, Tranonica, Triforce, Two Suspects, Vuchur, Walter Albini, Will o Wisp, XV Kilist & Rocco, Zermor, Ancient Core, Aeuum, AudioTraffic, Balancé, Biop6, Comrade, Cosmicleaf, Dj Devin, Diego, Emo, Etnica In Dub, Etsaman, Far Beyond, Gabriel Le Mar, Galaxy Drop, Gayalaxy, Hadron Orchestra, I.M.D, Instant Euphory, Kala Hari, Kaya Project, Lenny P, Loraine James, Maluns, Manuman, Minimalists, Nicelle & Psycharox, Monkey Breeders, Nyah, Osiris, Proxima Centauri, Rising Galaxy, Samaya, Side Liner, Spiral Hand, Sun Anga, Stuff, The Flying Mars, Tranceway, Tripswitch, Tryptophant
Shankra Festival Shankra Festival

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