7. Psy Fi Festival 2019

From: 28.08.2019 To: 01.09.2019
Das Festival war vor 308 days

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Psy-Fi Seed Of Science is our 7th edition and after last year's Shamanic Experience we are very excited to prepare the next edition for you. We will keep you updated on our Facebook page, newsletter and website.

Why Seed of Science? First of all, think about where we would be without science and all it has produced, our festival is run with laptops, phones, wifi, lights, soundsystems, dj equipment, waste technologies, power technologies and much more, all came forth out of science. Then think about what happens to our society when all this fails. We have learned how to use all of this to our benefits and yet have become so depended on it.
The quote from Ralp Waldo Emerson "men love to wonder and that's the seed of science" shows that our imagination and our curiosity are at the base of all that men has ever created. We encourage you to find oud how science can help you and others to create a better and more sustainable world.

All your positive feedback, love, kind words and many hugs we got, gave us the energy and confidence to start working on "Seed of Science". For that we are ever grateful.

The Psy-Fi festival is set up to be one of the bigger Psy-Trance festivals in Europe. Offering a large variety of music, arts and space for personal growth.
Bigger is not always better and we do not strive to be the biggest at all. We strive to deliver the most amazing festival experience we can give you.

Next to that we aim to provide you with one of the best line-ups of the coming festival summer! After all we are all there for the music :)
However we are not only there for the music, there are so many aspects that make a Psytrance festival so great! We feel that the learning experience is extremely important and we encourage you all to integrate what your festival experience into your daily lives.
To help you do that we've invited some of the world's leading experts on many topics such as Science, Psychology, Psychedelics, religion, Shamanism, sociology and much more to lecture for you. For more info and updates on the lecture program, follow us on Facebook, the sacred island page or our Inpsyder.

We can't wait to see you in August!

Psytrance, Progressive Trance, HiTech,... mehr
Psytrance, Progressive Trance, HiTech, Psybient, Progressive Psytrance, Dark Psytrance, Psychill, Downtempo, Dark Progressive Trance, Trance, Electronic, Techno, Heavy Metal ... close
Category: Goa Festivals - Elektronische Festivals
Admission: VVK 112,50 - 152,50 € | TK 170 €
Location: De Groene Ster
Postcode: 8926 XB
City: Leeuwarden
Street: Groningerstraatweg
Country: Holland
Website: Psy Fi Festival


Ace Ventura, Anestetic, Astrix, Atmos, Avalon, Behind Blue Eyes, Boom Shankar, Braincell, Captain Hook, Cosmosis, Digicult, Dripdrop, Earthling, Eat Static, Egorythmia, Emok, Etnica, Fungus Funk, Gaudium, Goa Jonas, Grub, Hellquest, Hypogeo, Ital, Jaakko, James Monro, Joanna, Koxbox, Life Forms, Liquid Soul, Man With No Name, Merkaba, Morten Granau, Outsiders, Parasense, Perfect Stranger, Philippa, Psysex, Sensient, Skizologic, Spirit Architect, Talamasca, Tetrameth vs Shadow Fx, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Twisted Siblings, Vertical, Wegha, Alpha, Alta, Angry Luna, Antagon, Anubis, Arcek, Arishtat, Audiofools, Audiopathik, Back To Mars, Bombax, Cosmic Spiral, Crazy Astronaut, Critical Freak, Daash, Daksinamurti, Dark Whisper, Dev, Dirty Saffi, Dust, Frantic Noise, Fright Rate, Futuro, Gino Sonica, Glosolalia, Highko, Illäusius, Inner Coma, Jahbo, Janczur, Kashyyyk, Kindzadza, Loose Connection, Lunarave, Lurker, Manticore, Nilezz, Nocturnes Creatures, Nyama, Onkel Dunkel, Paul B, Philoso, Psymax, Psynonima, Rawar, Selective Mood, Shivanki, Tsu-Jan, Thusila, Wichuri, Xenrox, Yatzee, Anand, Atyya, Bluetech, Bogtrotter, Bumble, Bwoy De Bhajan, Charlesthefirst, Deeb, Dubbrothers, Globular, Gumi, Hedflux, Henriq, Hibernation, HRK, Invisible Ralf, Jade Cicada, Johnny Blue, Kalaha, Kalya Scintilla, Kaya Project, Kukan Dub Lagan, Kukan Dub Meets Johhny Blue, Kurd, Kayrunchy, Liminal Roots, Living Light, Liquid Bloom, Malakai, Manu, Mantismash, Mjert, Ott, Oleg, Pangani, Raijin Gaijin, Rumpistol, Robin Triskele, Sati, Schmoop, Solar Fields, Sorian, Suduaya, Symbolico, Sync24, Thriftworks, Toshiki, Yuta, Zaftra Morgen, Dominic Thomas, Eitan Reiter, MVMB, Yuli Fershtat, Sheff, D-Nox, Marcia, Matani, Josephine Wedekind, Pandemonio, Matteo, Dj Peter Zen, Dj Mimics, Liquid Ross, Technica, Bobeatz & Ripeter

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