Own Spirit Festival 2019

From: 24.07.2019 To: 29.07.2019
Das Festival war vor 727 days

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After three years of light and change, we carry on with new challenges. Achieving and relishing them, we offer you the new Own Spirit paradise. A new land for the tribe, where every corner will be full of imagination, creations and passion.

We will celebrate the solstice together to clean and expand our souls, committed to the change we want to see in the world.

We will let the music, art and creations overwhelm us, the elements heal us, our feet have wings and our heart beat strongly for the sublime pleasure to be together!

Welcome to the new age of Own Spirit.

Psytrance, Psydub, Progressive Trance,... mehr
Psytrance, Psydub, Progressive Trance, Dark Progressive Psytrance, Minimal, Psybient, Dark Progressive Trance, Dark Psytrance, Goa Trance, Psytech ... close
Category: Goa Festivals - Elektronische Festivals
Admission: VVK 80 -120 €
Location: Embalse de Santa Ana
Postcode: 22571
City: Baldellou
Country: Spanien
Website: Own Spirit Festival


Protonica, Isometric, Middle Mode, Filterheads, Djane Gaby, Psynonima, Djantrix, Radikal Moods, Alviker, Obit, Ninesense, Pleiadians, Rezonant, Cesar Mimesis, Yabba Dabba, Fabio Leal, Digoa, Awwen, Sabsunshine, Synthologic, M-Theory, Render, Nukleall, Purio, Phobos, Shivatree, Fluoelf, Atbloom, Dj Cram, Kenon, Justin Chaos, Braindrop, Tetraktyz, Pollyfonika, Back To Mars, K.i.M, Pete & Pan, Sonic Species, Psydream & Gandhabba, Lunecell, Fungus Funk, Sensient, Microdot, Tilt, Pasaje Uiniverso, Regan, Confo, Etnica, Mark Day, Toxic, Daksinamurti, Lunatica, Virtual Light, Symbolico, Toxic In Dub, Raul Mezcolanza, Halfred, Ishdub, Synapse, Miss Tick, Jakare, Frequency Less, Tsp, Okapi, Lo.renzo, Marciana, Lluis Ribalta, Medular, Indra, Kleiman, Psyellen, Brojanowski, Gagarin Project, Johny Pablo, Mobitex, Acoustic Substance, Chunk, Chick'm, Ana´s-lin & Agog, Netrin, Stereodots, Green Beats, Bwoy De Bhajan, Xompax, Ianoche, Solarm, Naan, Diplodocus, Etnica In Dub
Own Spirit Festival Own Spirit Festival

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