Connection Festival 2019

From: 17.09.2019 To: 24.09.2019
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Connection Festival returns this year with the soul growing thanks to all of you !

After being reborn last year humbly, not without making mistakes, this year we started to grow again learning each year and each day of them, trying to make everything easier and comfortable for the vibration to remain. Thanks to all those who believe in magic ... Thanks to you Connection Festival was reborn (not without difficulties), and this year will begin again to take its first steps in the Natural Pools of La Codosera, along the sacred river Gevora !

This year we go a little later in September: September 17 to 24: Right at the autumn equinox, dancing to give entrance to the new season: when the sun is at its zenith and the day has the same duration as the night ... Enjoying also those days still warm from the Natural Pools, the places and the corners and waterfalls of the GEVORA River as it passes through the festival ... And all accompanied by the best live performances at the Oldshool Temple: this year only and exclusively the Goatrance will have a place in the Oldshool Temple ! In our Black Dust Altechnative relaxed at chill rhythms or with the best Techno, or in the Psytrance area: this year we open the doors to the most recent psychedelic and dark sounds and give them their place in Connection Festival !

Our meeting will take place in our place of rebirth: The Natural Pools of La Codosera: Some magical Natural Pools on the course of the river GEVORA, in a magical forest environment that is completely flat! With more than enough space to camp, park with your car or caravan, access roads up to 50 meters from the Main Stage! And all the amenities we seek !

Drinkable water, shade and a great geographical location being only 3 hours from Madrid, 2 from Lisbon or 3 from Seville ! In the province of Badajoz, Spain.

La Codosera is a friendly town of about 2000 people, a small town with a big heart! Where foreigners await you, as you know, full of enthusiasm and excited to meet people of all nationalities and cultures, and give them all the services they need: shops, bars, accommodation in houses and / or hotels ... In an Extremadura environment with the best gastronomy and also unbeatable homemade distillates and wines ! With many hiking trails that can be done as an alternative to the music of the festival, and much to know!

We have capacity for up to 5000 people ! The Main Stage has enough dimension to be able to jump and dance all much more comfortable in our beloved "Oldschool Temple" ! And above all remember that this work team is working excited to grow and continue to show that our mistakes of the past can be improved only by and for you!

Genre: Psytrance, Goa Trance, Psytrance, Chill ....
Category: Goa Festivals - Elektronische Festivals
Admission: VVK 90 - 120 € | TK 140 €
Location: Piscinas Naturales de la Codosera
Postcode: 06518
City: La Codosera
Country: Spanien
Website: Connection Festival


Sun Project, Astral Projection, Union Jack, Darshan, Psysex, Mystica, Children Of The Doc, Ux, Goasia, Empirion, Chimo Bayo, Transwave, Miranda, Deedrah, Total Eclipse, Disco Volante, Koxbox, Morphic Resonance, Alienapia, Nostromosis, Kymatica, E-Mantra, Omnivox, Proxeeus, Hypnagogia, Wizard Project, Sonic Elysium, Paulo Lopes, Yaleeni, Lord Flames, Malory Goa, Toxic, Diogo, Fantapsy, Djane Freedu, Mda, Jhagali Vs Goaceen, Kayba, Vagator, Avi Polaees, Guy Zapa, Boundless Dimension, Dixie Krystalz, Saiko Disco, Captain Kirk, Scum Unit, Kirna, Sonic Bandits, Dark El Kante, Blau, Insider, Tripnosis, Okin Shah, Jana, Ondrej Psyla, Dj Pepo, Jimmy Ferrari, Master Bon Z, Shemma, Trujo, Pascal Kleiman, Darkaneda, Ganehisa, Atom, Forest Bamp, Psykhopomp, Raveheart
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