Triplicity Music & Arts Festival 2018 - Das Programm

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Our World - Psychedelic Stage

Hypogeo (Zenon Records)

Highko (Blast Records)

Harmonic Rebel (Psynon Records)

Airi (Zenon Recrds) (Zenon Records)

Triforce (Zenon Records)

Dirty Saffi (Bom Shanka Records)

Beardy (Wildthings Records)

Hypnocoustics (Nano Records)

Aardvark (Bom Shanka)

Chameleon (Maharetta Records)

James West (Nano Records)

Nuky (Bom Shanka)

Vert3x (Psynon Records/Modem Festival)

Occular (Bom Shanka Records)

Act One (Digital Shamans)

Cosinus (Sangoma)

Tersius (Our Minds Music/Vantara Vichitra Records)

Southwild (Wildthings Records)

Kabi (Zenon Records)

Shantarolf (Midnight Sun Festival)

Antispin (Trick Music)

Sionnach (Galactic Groove Records)

Lah Narrad (Tongue on the Roof/ Woo Dog Records)

Subsaharan (Subsystem Records)

Elden (Parvati Records)

Sprocket (Blue Hour Sounds)

Mutaliens (Looney Moon)

Psycode (Woo-Dog)

Soluble Sounds (Tech Yes)

Fluoelf (Uroboros Parasomnia Occulta Digital-Yonkis)

Lorraine (Psilocybe Tribe/Sunrise)

Gradual (Brain Drill/WooDog)

Svess (Mosaico Records)

Jon Day (Woo Dog)

Dj Iah (Tribal Sphere)

Dexter (Cosmology)

Toxic Tegan (Digital Shamans)

Gacid (Uruoboros/Phar Psyde)

Fordy (Blue Hour Sounds)

Rich Nelson (Toadstool/Psy Sessions)

Bunkle (Wonk#ay)

Gurtrude (Triplicity/Swamp Sessions)

G.E.O.R.G.E (Triplicity/Woo-Dog)

The Underworld - Alternative/Chill Stage

Talvin Singh (Island Recods)

Breger (Copycow/Soupherb/Zenon)

Knobs (Moth Records | Nachtstrom Schallplatten | Zenon Records)

Peter Groskreutz (Phobos Records)

Bayawaka (Merkaba Music/Shanti Planti)

Okapi (Illegal Art)

Nanosphere (Broken Robot Records)

Eurythmy (Shanti Planti)

Bad Tango (Broken Robot)

Monk3ylogic (Broken Robot/Broken/Liquid)

Kwah (VIM/Rune Recordings)

Mouldy Soul (Adapted Records/Colony Productions/Additech)

Sneaky Voodoo (Wobbly/TechYes)

Landswitcher (Shanti Planti)

Akasha (Shan’ti Planti)

Quanta (Shanti Planti)

Beatroots (Triple Drop)

Globular (Sofa Beats/Shanti Planti)

Teatree (Kwah)

Wolf Tech (Shanti Planti/Desert Trax/Triple Drop records)

Iacchus (Timewave Records)

Spatialize (Experiment In Silence)

Naan (Shanti Planti/Purple Hexagon)

Stillness In Motion (JR)

Patterns (TechYes/Pandang)

Sanial (Allowance Records)

SI (Deliberate Space)

Fractal Forest (Psychedelic Jelly)

False Identity (Twitch)

Big Chief Yella Teeth (Yeewho)

Robin Triskele (Triskele Music)

Osclab (Neurotrition)

Kabbalien (N.C.P Records)

Psionic Entity (Egregor Music)

Cosmic Waffle (Triplicity)

Android (Windmilldown)

Magiclantern (The Beats Boutique)

Terranine (Tempest Recordings)

Jon Sangita (Experimental Sound Project)

Snowdrop (New Moon Grooves)

Sean Spindrift (Further Progressions)

Geo (Tribe Or Frog)

Liquid Lounge (Shanti Planti)

Nimi (Visionary Shamanics Records)

Doctor Spiral (Tech Yes)

Ann Wot? (Home Team)

Mary Miss Fairy (Wonkay/Broken)

Finbar (Slav)

Chemical Problem (Tech Yes)

Soulah (Stocky)

Addsimeon (Something Groovy)

Hari Mau Matt (InOrbit)

Gurteorge (triplicity)

The Other World

The Healing Area