Plur Festival 2017

From: 18.08.2017 To: 28.08.2017
Das Festival war vor 1073 days

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The "fifth" element of the Nature may be coming from each person individually, but only if we combine our own elements can it be realizable. The "fifth element" is merely what we call Peace, Love, Unity, Respect!
The Plur Festival institution has been taking place over the past few years, closely attached to Psy Trance that has proved to be beyond music so far. Psy Trance brings people from all over the world regardless of colour, sex or even religion together. Under Psy we are all equal, interacting and respectful to nature that welcomes us.
The upcoming summer of 2017 is about to change and reestablish what we have known about the PSY stage. It is about inviting us for the first time in Psy Trance history to a 10-Day festival not only to feast with music for days, but also to enjoy our vacation, chilling out, relaxing and nourishing both our bodies and our minds.
More than sixty-five (65) live acts and more then thirty-five (35) dj sets of high quality sound systems are to perform on two musical stages.
Two musical stages offered not only for your entertainment, but for expressing and developing yourselves too. Combined to one, whole live unit, people and music on both dancefloors is a key commitment factor.
A Line Up of the most widely known and loved musicians, but also new names and artists, combined with an audience from all over the world are coming together to participate with us in a beautiful journey through music!

Goa, Psytrance, Progressive Trance,... mehr
Goa, Psytrance, Progressive Trance, Ambient, Chill ... close
Category: Goa Festivals - Elektronische Festivals
Admission: VVK 90 €
City: Thermo
Country: Griechenland
Website: Plur Festival


A.K.D, Arjuna, Archaic, Avaris, Atriohm, Atacama, Astral Sense, Ascent, Avengers, Aho, Burn In Noise, Brainiac, Cabeiri, Conwerter, Chacruna, Darma, Dual Vision, Dickster, Dick Trevor, E-Mov, Ectima, Flegma, Future Frequency, Hypnoise, Hypnocoustics, Helber Gun, Hardy Veles, Kronics, Ital, Looney, Lyktum, Materia, Mindfold, Mythospheric, MPF, Norma Project, One Function, Onkel Dunkel, Pause, Plasmotek, Psylence Mind, Ritual, Suduaya, Sonic Species, Shogan, Solar Waves, Techyon, Tropical Bleyage, The Key, The Paco Project, Undercover, Unison, Vertex, Via Axis, Yar Zaa, Zyce, Black Sun, Alexander Blossom, Ioanna, Kostas Psytribe, Dynamike vs. John DMT, Mlab, Raveheart, Psygroo, Wingman, Loco Pone, Eternity, Nick Pall

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