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Aaradhakananda is an artist who lives in the world of music. From being a proficient guitarist to a well-trained singer, as well as a skilled harmonium player and percussionist, Aaradhakananda’s repertoire of abilities is rooted in his musical studies and performances.
Originally from Brazil, Aaradhakananda attended his Music Composition schooling in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, from which he transferred to the Saarland University in Germany to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Jazz Guitar. After being in many bands, and performing in various venues, cafés and theatres, Aaradhakananda shifted his musical career from the Jazz scene, to the realms of modern-age kirtan.
For over ten years, Aaradhakananda has dedicated himself to learning the theory of classical Indian music in order to perform a prestige and authentic version of bhajans all around the globe. By offering a multitude of workshops, Aaradhakananda not only gives a performance, but he encourages the participation of all people to sing the Divine Names and serve the planet through the medium of music.

Bhakti Wave
By producing independent beats, and writing modern verses to supplement Sanskrit text, Bhakti Wave provides their own take of the spiritual path through the lenses of their own life. The group collaborates with fellow kirtan artists to showcase a fresh approach to the world of spiritual music. From over five years of various projects and productions, Bhakti Wave decided that now is the time to take things to the next level and start a new endeavour which will have a lasting impact.
The content they create is not to glorify materialism, as found in the mainstream industry, but rather, they take an underground approach to promote conscious spirituality. Through their music, they preach about the power of meditation, yoga, knowing one’s true Self, and what it means to build a real relationship with the Divine. Bhakti Wave isn’t just a band, but they are a call-to-action directed towards the mindset of a materialistic world, and the encouragement for all on the journey to the Soul.

Gaura Vani
Gaura Vani is a multi-disciplinary artist - fluent in music, film and visual arts. He is most known for his Mantra Music performances (an emerging genre based on ancient Indian mantras or chants). Gaura Vani’s events are unifying and transporting - a mix of participatory rhythm and song, story and dance. He travels often to Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia performing both as a solo artist and with his sacred music ensembles Sita & the Hanumen and As Kindred Spirits. Gaura Vani performs regularly at eclectic venues like private homes, theatres, temples, yoga studios as well as many festivals.
Gaura Vani has become a defining force in the current explosion of Mantra Music in the Western world spearheaded by the artists like Jai Uttal, Wah! and Krishna Das. Based on kirtan (the ancient call-and-response practice from India’s devotional traditions) Mantra Music revolves around large gatherings of people and the rhythmic singing of mantras or poetic names of God. Mantras are accompanied by instruments such as the harmonium, the two-headed mridanga drum, tablas, and kartal hand-cymbals.

Mira is an extraordinary vocalist from the country of Montenegro whose professional vocal talent surpasses the standard of contemporary kirtan. One has to hear Mira sing to know the colour of her tone, as her voice is completely one-of-a-kind.
After completing primary school for singing and piano, Mira carried on expanding her skillset by diving into multiples styles of music such as blues, traditional orthodox, alternative rock, gothic, and of course, kirtan. Throughout this time, Mira had been the lead vocalist in a number of projects and she was able to develop her intrinsic talent for the simple subtleties found in all the great musical compositions.
From forming a rocking kirtan band to collaborating with some of the most celebrated artists of the kirtan genre, such as Krishna Das, Madhava Prabhu and more, Mira has comfortably settled into the world of devotional music. By incorporating her musical expertise with classical bhajans, Mira is a singer that leaves an impression on everyone she plays for, as it is rare to find a musician with such unique talent and devotion for the Divine.

Karthiegasen Pillay
Musically gifted children of musicians have inherited their famous parents’ natural abilities, and they’ve also been able to channel them into some great music. Having a musically talented mother or father doesn’t automatically ensure that kids will grow up to be equally as talented. Sometimes, though, they do, as like Kirthan Pillay.
A wise man once said “What was silent in the father speaks in his son, and often I found in the son the unveiled secret of the father” How true!
That old adage, “Like father, like son” holds true for South Africa. Few father-son pairs have enjoyed significant individual success in comparable measure, but this family rose above all others.
The apple certainly doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to this father-son musical duo. These dashing gentlemen represent the true essence of South African Indian Music royalty.
When the father is a big part of the Indian music fraternity it is more or less decided that the son will follow in his footsteps. Karthiegasen Pillay is undoubtedly a master of the Tabla and Mridangam, after being the leading vocalist of the African continent. He is credited with making the tabla a popular instrument in Africa.
The father is the mega star of the Indian music industry and is literally worshipped by multitudes of fans around the world. Son Kirthan (17) being praised a lot for his music and personality is replicating his father’s success. However, both father and son are still striving hard and are the biggest stars of the industry. Whenever the father-son duo, come together, they create magic. The magic we witnessed at many soul stirring performances. Big K and Lil K are magicians when it comes to music. Anything they touch seemingly turns into gold. Karthiegasen Pillay is one of the most influential musicians of all time. Kirthan took success to a new level when he made his debut performance at age 3. He repeated his success with one performance after the other in South Africa, Mauritius, Reunion, Zambia, India and here in Germany
“Karthiegasen is a brand name in music and there is nothing more prestigious than being his disciple” said Kirthan.

Vijay Krishna
Vijay Krsna was initiated into Bhakti-Yoga at the young age of 12. The very first order from his beloved Guru was to “always be engaged in Kirtan”. From that time on he has been traveling the world with various spiritual teachers learning the depth of this art and developing great expertise on the Mrdanga drum. He has also spent extensive time in India studying vocal in the various Kirtan styles from holy men, mendicants, temple monks, villagers and singing strangers. Now having absorbed the essence of his study, he has developed a synergy between these styles of Kirtan, bringing with it mood, depth and passion.

Sati Kazanova

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