Tons of Rock 2014

From: 19.06.2014 To: 21.06.2014
Das Festival war vor 2352 days

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Tons of Rock Festival - A Norwegian rock festival is set to become one of the most exiting festivals in Scandinavia, situated in one of the most spectacular sites in Europe.

Focusing on everything from classic rock to the famous Norwegian black metal scene, the Tons of Rock Festival will take place inside the fortress walls itself, giving both the audience and the artists a unique experience.

Close to the Swedish border and overlooking the beautiful city of Halden, Fredriksten Fortress was built in 1660. Among many historic events, the most famous is the legendary Swedish king Charles XII was killed here in battle in 1718.

Heavy Metal, Metal, Rock, Power Metal,... mehr
Heavy Metal, Metal, Rock, Power Metal, Punk íní Roll, Rock íní Roll, Pagan Metal, Punk close
Category: Metal Festivals
Admission: 1990 NOK
Location: Fredriksten Festning
Postcode: 1776
City: Halden
Country: Norwegen
Website: Tons of Rock


Volbeat, Blaze Bayley, Spirits Of The Dead, Deathcrush, Avatarium, Rundown, Heatseekers, Slegest, Valentourettes, Shining, Witchhammer, Kvelertak, Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats, Sahg, Iamfire, Slayer, Anthrax, W.A.S.P., The Ghost, Audrey Horne, Devil, In Solitude, Saffire, Silver, Turbonegro, Sepultura, Sabaton, Soilwork, Oslo Ess, Jorn, Black Debbath, Thulsa Doom, Backstreet Girls, Bloodlights, Kampfar, Tnt, Reptilian, Purson, Year Of The Goat, One Tail One Head, Vanderbuyst, Obliteration, Alfahanne, Warp Riders, Reckless Love
Tons of Rock Tons of Rock

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