2. Psy Fi Festival 2014

From: 28.08.2014 To: 01.09.2014
Das Festival war vor 2380 days

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Psy-Fi's mission is to create a space where visitors can enjoy art, culture, music, personal growth and nature.

A space where we cooperate with each other.
A space where people of all religions, cultures, countries and other labels can meet each other as one.
A space where we can learn from each other, where we can be free and our selves in loving harmony and peace.

The focus lays on the Psychedelic (sub)culture, a culture with core values such as love, unity, peace and respect. We aim to create a higher level of consciousness amongst our visitors through our programs.

Our wish is that our visitors integrate a piece of the experience into their daily lives and take some of it back into society, where they can be an example for others. The Psy-Fi foundation.

Goa, Psytrance, Progressive, Reggae,... mehr
Goa, Psytrance, Progressive, Reggae, Dub, D & B, Balkan Beats, Psy Rock ... close
Category: Goa Festivals - Elektronische Festivals
Admission: VVK 70 € | AK 80 €
Location: De Groene Ster
Postcode: 8926 XB
City: Leeuwarden
Street: Groningerstraatweg
Country: Holland
Website: Psy Fi Festival


Ace Ventura, Cosmosis, Zen Mechanics, Sensient, Atmos, Filteria, Tristan, Shane Gobi, Perfect Stranger, Egorythmia, E-Clip, Behind Blue Eyes, Ital, U-Recken, Gaudium, Protonica, Laughing Buddha, Digicult, Burn In Noise, Earthling, Talamasca, Sonic Species, Bitkit, Ephedrix, Saaf, Tanianta, Q’Allit, Comsat, Avalon, Liquid Soul, Killerwatts, Daksinamurti, Vikash, Audio Terrorist, Electrocute, Mantra Flow, Reason Freaks, Para Halu, Electric Universe, Talpa, Ajja, Ott., Entheogenic, Comsat & Petar, Tripswitch, Seldon, Psykoxaman, Mafcello, Spiky, Anand, Atom Based, Richard J-K, Wichuri, Katsa, Banshankri, Loose-Cannon, Mjert, Sun Pilot, Aquatone, Easily Embarrassed, Shx, Blowan, Kayrunchy, Steely Roundbeat, Psylatino, Peter Pam, Achille-Sehne, Shivanki, Resi Beats, Liminal Roots, Cosmosonic, Gagarin Project, Utu, Nilezz, Petar, Kashis, Shaggedelic, Kalanarmada, Paul-B, Psymax, Mnmlych, Mekanical Mind, Miss Verständnis, Back To Mars, Sebidelica, Mandraq, Q'Allit, Norion, Impala, Sementix, Electric UNIVERSE -Dacru Records - DE), Gnome, Jayo, 2ndgen, Mimics, Ramtintin, Attachaatta, Webzen, Vignesh, Noobje, Minorsetback, Idealcrash, Skitt-B, Agent Orange, Sperzieb00n, Poison Yvy

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Psy Fi Festival Psy Fi Festival

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