Plur Festival 2014

From: 21.08.2014 To: 27.08.2014
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For a second consecutive year, D.P.S Productions invites you to the Plur Festival 2014, including 40 Live acts and over 40 dj sets. Set on the sunny beach of Kria Vrisi, in northern Evoia, in a landscape where the river meets the sea and the forest. The duration of the festival will be seven days set to the sounds of a very dynamic line up. We await your presence in our Summer fest, held at one of the most beautiful places in Greece, sending out positive vibes and the message of P.L.U.R (Peace Love Unity Respect). Surrender to the magic of the scenery and lose yourself in the music and the production team will be happy to take care of the rest and offer you a unique experience at an affordable price.

Genre: Goa, Psytrance ...
Category: Goa Festivals - Elektronische Festivals
Admission: VVK 67,50 €
Location: Kria Vrisi Beach
Postcode: 340 04
City: Kria Vrisi
Country: Griechenland
Website: Plur Festival


Arhetip, Ascent, Avalon, Conwerter, Digicult, Ectima, Egorythmia, Elegy, E-Clip, E-Mov, Fasma, Flegma, Funk Truck, Nooz, Helber Gun, Kingpink, Hi Profile, Impulser, 2Komplex, Lovpact, Lunarave, Lyctum, Mad Maxx, Major7, Mindwave, Middle Mode, Mythospheric, Mr.Suspect, Molok, Optiloop, Pause, Psychotec, Sensogram, Symbolic, Static Movement, Side Effects, Reverse, U-Recken, Zyce, Aeneas, Ankass, Antonio, Alex Sense, Aura, Blossom, Dj Doc, Djane Freedu, Dorito, Dr. Sammy, Drem, Eject, El Mahico, Elvenstar, Eternity, Fanis S.S.W., I-Mike, Jorhe X, Kostas Psytribe, Lathrop, Maninfest, Martin Equalizer, Milkyway, Microstar, Mr.goblin, Odysseas, Omni-tech, Openmind, Renegade Dj, Sonic, Spiros Wom, Stel K, Stratos, Tom S, Theliks, Wizzard Flame, 7th Dimension, Pyrfire
Plur Festival Plur Festival

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