Defqon.1 Festival 2014 - Das Programm

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Wild Motherfuckers
Hosted by Ruffian

Kutski (GBR)
Dr Phunk (NLD)
Gizmo (NLD)
Kasparov (NLD)
Pandorum (NLD)
Dither (NLD)
Hosted by Axys (NLD)


Red - Mainstage
Coone (BEL)
Noisecontrollers (NLD)
Zatox (ITA)
Psyko Punkz (NLD)
B-Front & Frequencerz presents B-freqz (NLD)
D-Block & S-te-Fan (NLD)
Crypsis (NLD)
Atmozfears (NLD)
Max Enforcer (NLD)
Audiofreq & Geck-o (AUS & NLD)
Bass Modulators (NLD)
Hosted by Villain (NLD)

Black - Hardcore
The Viper
Evil Activities
Partyraiser vs. Drokz (NLD)
Korsakoff & DaY-már (NLD)
Art of Fighters (ITA)
Ophidian (NLD)
Amnesys (ITA)
Miss K8 (UKR)
Amada (NLD)
Hosted by Jeff (NLD)

Blue - Raw
Minus Militia (NLD)
B-Front (NLD)
Alpha2 (NLD)
Frequencerz (NLD)
Digital Punk (NLD)
DJ Thera’s Training Sessions (NLD)
Titan & High Voltage (NLD)
Deepack (NLD)
Exit Mind (AUT)
Festuca (NLD)
Jack Of Sound (NLD)
Hosted by DV8 (NLD)

UV - Euphoric
Wasted Penguinz (SWE)
Code Black (AUS)
The Prophet (NLD)
Stephanie (ITA)
The Pitcher (NLD)
Adrenalize & In-Phase (DEN & NLD/BEL)
Sylence (USA)
Waverider (NLD)
Sound Rush (NLD)
Rebourne (NLD)
Hosted by DL! (NLD)

Gold - Millennium Hardcore
Base Alert (NLD)
Dj Promo (NLD)
The Viper (NLD)
Vince (NLD)
D-Passion (NLD)
Armageddon Project (ITA)
Bass-D (NLD)
Hamunaptra (NLD)
Meagashira (NLD)
Sequence & Ominous (NLD)
Hosted by Da Mouth of Madness (NLD)

Brown - Freestyle
Mark with a K (BEL)
Dr. Rude & Dr Phunk (NLD)
Dirtcaps (NLD)
Ruthless (NLD)
Kutski (GBR)
Giocatori (NLD)
Davoodi (BEL)
Weslo (NLD)
Hosted by Chucky (BEL)

Purple - Talent
Nutralizers (NLD)
Advanced Dealer (ITA)
Electronic Vibes (NLD)
Pulserz (FRA)
Noisecult (NLD)
Concept Art (AUT)
Aztech (NLD)
Proto Bytez (NLD)
Your-On (NLD)
Hpnotic (KOR)
Recharge (NLD)
Hosted by Axys (NLD)

Green - Breaks
The Outside Agency (NLD)
Black Sun Empire (NLD)
Deluge of Sound (NLD)
Cooh (BUL)
Broken Note (GBR)
Genetix (GBR)
Lucy Furr (NLD)
War is Inevitable (NLD)
Hosted by Tjek (NLD)

Indigo - Xtra Raw
Degos & Re-Done (NLD)
Warface (NLD)
The Geminizers vs. The Machine (NLD & LTU)
Dark Pact (NLD)
Deetox & Delete (NLD & AUS)
Prefix & Density (NLD)
Solutio (NLD)
Artifact (NLD)
Blackburn & K96 (NLD)
Aeros (NLD)
Hosted by Livid (NLD)

Magenta - Early Hardstyle (2001-2005)
Luna (NLD)
Deepack (NLD)
T.A.T.A.N.K.A. Project (NLD)
Zenith (ITA)
Gary D (GER)
Balistic (NLD)
Hosted By Da Syndrome (NLD)

Orange - All Styles All Weekend
Noize Suppressor (ITA)
DaY-mar (NLD)
Alex Kidd (GBR)
Sequence & Ominous (NLD)
The Geminizers (NLD)
Hosted by Shizzler (NLD)

Silver - Industrial
Hellfish & The DJ Producer (GBR)
Dolphin (GBR)
Mindustries & Fracture 4 (NLD & GBR)
Rotator (FRA)
Deathmachine (GBR)
Ak-Industry (SUI)
Dither (NLD)
Meander (NLD)
N-Vitral (NLD)
Krauser (NLD)
Hosted by No-iD (NLD)

White - Subground
Alex Kidd (GBR)
Dj Donnie Darko (NLD)
Argy (GBR)
Subkilla (ITA)
Atmo (NLD)
S1ngular (NLD)
Luca Perra (NLD)
Hosted by D (AUS)

Yellow - Extreme
Noisekick (NLD)
Akira (NLD)
Dr. Peacock (NLD)
Sandy Warez (BEL)
Cardiak (FRA)
Goetia (FRA)
Chem D (NLD)
Bart Hard (NLD)

Blue Night Unit - Afterparty
A2 Allstars (NLD)
Endymion feat. Murda (NLD)
The Darkraver (NLD)
Hosted by Ruffian (NLD)


Blue - Raw
Radical Redemption (NLD)
E-Force (NLD)
Tatanka (ITA)
Chain Reaction (NLD)
Hard Driver (NLD)
Activator (ITA)
Luna (NLD)
Phuture Noize & Goliath (NLD & BEL)
Outbreak (AUS)
Phrantic (SUI)
Hosted by DV8 (NLD)

Black - Hardcore
Angerfist (NLD)
Evil Activities (NLD)
Mad Dog & Anime (ITA)
Tha Playah (NLD)
The Sickest Squad & Unexist (ITA)
Meccano Twins (ITA)
Wasted Mind (ESP)
System Shock (NLD)
Hosted by Jeff (NLD)

Gold - Early Rave
The Darkraver & Mental Theo (NLD)
Buzz Fuzz & Dione (NLD)
Dune (GER)
Critical Mass (NLD)
Human Resource (NLD)
Bountyhunter & Franky Jones (BEL)
DJ Uzi (NLD)
Panic (NLD)
Hosted by Da Mouth of Madness (NLD)

Magenta - Early Hardstyle (2005-2009)
Alpha2 (NLD)
Davide Sonar (ITA)
Oldschool Modulators (NLD)
Scope DJ (NLD)
DJ Toyax (NLD)
Jones (NLD)
Hosted By Da Syndrome (NLD)

Silver - Industrial
Stormtrooper (GER)
Embrionyc (GER)
Waldhaus (GER)
Scheme Boy (GBR)
Tripped (BEL)
Khaoz Engine (BEL)
Li-Z & Stefan ZMK (NLD)
Hosted by No-iD (NLD)

UV - Euphoric
Italian Hardstyle Mafia (ITA)
Audiofreq (AUS)
Toneshifterz & Dillytek (AUS)
A-lusion (NLD)
Da Tweekaz (NOR)
Outlander (BE)
Neilio (NLD)
Energyzed & Shockerz (NLD)
Hosted by DL! (NLD)

White - Subground
Geck-e (NLD)
Dirtcaps (NLD)
Bold Action (NLD)
Hawman (AUS)
Les Tronchiennes (BEL)
Eyoung (NLD)
Hosted by D (AUS)

The Closing Line
Brennan Heart
Hosted By Villian