1. Ayata Festival 2014

From: 17.07.2014 To: 21.07.2014
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Join us for a magnificent celebration in the heights of the Sandras Mountain in the Central Anatolian region of Mugla for the Ayata Festival!

Dedicated to the theme of Anatolian Shamanism, the festival takes place from 17 until 21 July 2014.

Ayata festival pays homage to the Sun God, Ay Ata - the beloved of the Sun Goddess, Gun Ana - and has been Inspired by the intense beauty and spirit of this sacred, natural location.

So as Turkish mythology meets an electronic underground of visionary music, we pay our respects to the spirit of the ancient civilizations of Central Anatolia... Explored by archeologists, historians and anthropologists, it is a place where shamanism and Tangrism is a practice that is continued even today.

The festival unites local music, art, performance and culture with the pulse of the psychedelic music scene. And as we welcome a global roster of producers, DJs and visual artists - we celebrate our shamanic roots, which have grown and evolved from Middle Asia to Anatolia.

We will meet at the highest peak of southern Turke, in the region of Muğla - where ancient civilizations walked with the spirit of the Moon God and the Sun Goddess. At 2,294 metres above sea level, we will celebrate in the heights of the Sandras Mountain, in the heart of the village of Agla - named after the fresh spring water that flows through its contours. With its fairytale trees, wild flowers and emerald waters of the Gokceova Lake - this is a sacred paradise revealing the mysical side of Mother Nature.

So welcome home dear friends! And join us for this natural symphony... Be enlightened by the energy of this fascinating landscape; invoke higher realms of consciousness and feel inspired by the history, knowledge and culture held by this sacred land where Ayata takes place. Let's celebrate our time together!

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Genre: Goa, Psytrance, Progressive ...
Category: Goa Festivals - Elektronische Festivals
Admission: VVK 50-90 € | AK 100 €
Location: Gökçeova Gölü
City: Muğla
Country: Tuerkei
Website: Ayata Festival


Akes, Alienapia, Ardacadabra, Bitkit, Blisargon Demogorgon, Caveman, Egorythmia, Electric Universe, Elfo, Fobi, Fuzulu, Hallulaya, Ianuaria, Kasadelica, Klangmassage, Mad Maxx, Mayaxperience, Meis, Midi Junkies, Mindsphere, Murat Lahur, Necmi, Neuromotor, Nitro & Glycerine, Parasect, Pick, Rinkadink, Shane Gobi, Tookytooky, Bahar Canca, Bora, Boom Shankar, Dodo3, Drifter, Dsompa, Ebru Al, Electic, Gepetto, Gypsydelics, Komarchiki, Psysari, Psy Tiger, Raveheart, Tao, Voodoo Mantra, Whackywhack

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