Freedom Festival 2013

From: 13.08.2013 To: 18.08.2013
Das Festival war vor 3755 days

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Freedom Festival 2013 welcomes you into the 4th dimension! We invite you all to join us and celebrate this spiritual and divine moment we are living in... let´s put together our most pure energy and dance to the rhythm of creation.

Now it´s the time when all the theory turns into practical and real experience. The experience of being pure light and love, with the power of creating reality through every thought or feeling. Entering the 4th dimension will make you aware of your divine powers, the power of your true Self, the extra piece that was missing to reconnect to the god within you.

Lets vibrate together at a higher level, let´s move at the same rythm while tuning ourselves into oneness, into a new realm of existence. Let´s dance with our mother Earth, with all stars, planets and outer galaxies while we create a world of pure love, joy, non-attachment and freedom.

All is connected... and the shift of dimensions the Earth is already going through are taking us into this magical, new, unknown and untouched way of living. The Universe is one living organism moved by a single consciousness that is expanding Itself while simultaneously we take our deepest energy to a higher level, tunning more and more with the universe that surrounds us and with this Supreme Consciousness...

During 6 magical days, the Portuguese hot Summer will become the scenario for this ritual of ascension, where thousands of hearts will join together to create a festival full-filled with Love, Union ,Peace and Psychedelic Music.

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Genre: Psytrance, Goa, Ambient, Dub ...
Admission: VVK 50-85 € | AK 115 €
Postcode: 7350
City: Vila Fernando
Country: Portugal
Website: Freedom Festival


Hallucinogen, Juno Reactor, Star Sounds Orchestra feat. Irina Mikhailova, Shpongle, Ott., Talamasca, Azax Syndrom, Vibe Tribe, Spade, Space Tribe, Bizzare Contact, Tristan, Bliss, Rinkadink, Cosmosis, Painkiller, Xsi, Digicult, Sonic Species, Orca, U-Recken, Filteria, Bionix, Dejavoo, Alienn, Khopat, A Mush, Sidharta, Tryambaka, Skunk Tribe, Brainwash, Myrah, Karma Crop, Klacid, Evollov3, Raja Ram, Shane Gobi, Dj Anneli, Liquid Ross, Lucas, Xp Voodoo, Xanex, Nigel, Kristian, Diogo, Guapa Lee, Surya Namaskar, Talles Ferreira, Juggler, Frostbite, Hipnotik Attack, Gizmo, Sonyk, Gadget, Duende, Neurofitness, Berberan, Neelix, Symphonix, Day.Din, Protonica, Ritmo, Behind Blue Eyes, Khainz, Salli Doolally, Flat, Kin, Sparker, Jaakko, Cheve, Da Candy Flippers, Last Call, Cosmo, Highko, Antagon, Naked Tourist, Whicked Hayo, Ajja, Alpha, Giuseppe, Mind Disotortion System, The Dark Face, Iguana, Mimic Vat, Night Lurk, Akès, Mekanical Mind, Audiact, Projecto Tetrahedron, Zen Baboon, Chilled C’Quence, Morning Tea Project, Ambiens Indage, Sérgio Walgood, Floating Machine, Tree Shepherd, DJGooyz, Andrei, Daniel, Henrik, Plurgrim, Ivã, Liquid Shape, Dakini, LittleLight, Bloom Chill, Sininho, Marte, Mayra, Tokapela, DJ Daya, Spirit Hood, Kala Hari, DJ Sahid, Garvel, Irina Mikhailova

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