Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2012 - Das Programm

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Satyricon (NOR)
Obituary (USA)
Dark Tranquillity (SWE)
Brujeria (MEX)
Taake (NOR)
Macabre (USA)
Ancient Rites (BEL)
Keep Of Kalessin (NOR)
Psycroptic (AUS)
Enthroned (BEL)
Herder (NL)
Warbringer (USA)
Debauchery (GER)
Blacklodge (FRA)
The Amenta (AUS)
Dawn Heist (AUS)
Reign Of The Architect (ISR)
Christ Agony (PL)


My Dying Bride (UK)
Sodom (GER)
Deathstars (SWE)
Krux (SWE)
The Devilís Blood (NL)
Thyrfing (SWE)
Haemorrhage (ESP)
Disharmonic Orchestra (AUT)
Gospel Of The Horns (AUS)
Totenmond (GER)
Excrementory Grindfuckers (GER)
Zombie Inc. (AUT)
Aborted (B)
Carach Angren (NL)
Gorath (BEL)
The 11th Hour (NL)
The New Dominion (NL)
Dust Bolt (GER)
Gama Bomb (IRE)
Deadcell (NL)