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Pukkelpop Festival 15.08.2011
Foster The People Cancel European Festival Tour
We have just had some unfortunate news. One of the bands whose show we were eagerly looking forward to have cancelled all their European festival concerts. Foster the People sincerely apologize for their absence: "We are deeply saddened that we have to cancel our appearance at Pukkelpop. We have bee ...

Pukkelpop Festival 09.08.2011
Das Pop And Glasser Can't Play At Pukkelpop
Due to unforeseen circumstances Das Pop will not be able to perform at Pukkelpop this year. Both band and festival regret this. Das Pop: “We hope to be back next year as Pukkelpop is one of our favourite festivals. We’re bitterly disappointed at missing it.” Unfortunately, Glasser has also informed ...

Pukkelpop Festival 08.08.2011
New At Pukkelpop: Salon Fou!
Why not surrender your face to our professional make-up artists of Salon Glamour? Why not let the experienced hands of our hair designers go through your locks at Salon Frou Frou? Or would you prefer a fashionable upgrade of one of your old Pukkelpop T-shirts? Why not let some young Limburg designer ...

Pukkelpop Festival 08.08.2011
Pukkelpop Presents: Petit Bazar!
In serious danger of collapsing? Come to your senses and visit Petit Bazar! Essential source of moral support and basic must-haves, whether you’re looking for ready-to-eat delicacies or hoping to recharge your batteries with wünderbare 80’s stars. Petit Bazar, the reservoir of rarit ...

Pukkelpop Festival 05.08.2011
Pop Punkers Zebrahead Added To The Pukkelpop Line-up
Zebrahead were already at Pukkelpop in 2001 and 2009. And here they are again. For more than 15 years these Californian pop punkers have been able to impress music lovers with their great blend of punk, funk and hip hop. There’s no doubt they will throw a terrific, fun-filled party at the Shelter wi ...

Pukkelpop Festival 05.08.2011
Pukkelpop Supports Africa
Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti… The situation in the Horn of Africa is becoming more and more dramatic. The heart-breaking circumstances under which more than 10 million people are trying to survive will leave nobody untouched. Pukkelpop has decided to sit back no longer. We want to con ...

Pukkelpop Festival 03.08.2011
Beastie Boys: Fight For Your Right Revisited - Exclusive Screenings At Pukkelpop!
Exclusive screenings at Pukkelpop! Everyone remembers the fantastic music video to ‘(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)’ by the Beastie Boys. From the very first shout of “Kick it!”, the living room was remodeled, pies went flying and the TV landed on the sidewalk s ...

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