Pfingstfest 2011 - Das Programm

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The Estranged (usa - icy, ominous post-Punk. You dig wipers or warsaw?)
Modern Pets (ger - fast and snotty 77 style Punk in the vein of the shocks and the briefs)
The Toyotas (ger - catchy and hectic Garage Punk)
Deep Sleep (usa - fast, no-nonsense melodic HardcorePunk)
Empowerment (ger - Stuttgart asozial!)
Death With A Dagger (fin - Diamond Head meets Discharge on LSD style.)
Khuda (uk - furious intrumental Post Rock from these two! guys)
Overpower (ger - Hardcore assault from East Germany, ex Burial ...)
Ghost of Wem (ger - Downtempo, Doom, Black Metal from the southwest)
Static Void (ger - new allstar band , ex TheXtarget, Sirens, Teamkiller... - you like verbal assault?)
Idiophon (ger - like a trashy version of early Fehlfarben. With members from the legendary Kommando Vollsaufen)
Terrible Feelings (se - great Punk Rock with an early 80s Wave vibe)
Social Circkle (usa - loud, fast, and tight Hardcore Punk = fun)
Youth Avoiders (f - absolutely marvelous Punk Rock. Short, fast songs with a great sense of melody)