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Pfingstfest 08.06.2011
Monday: By The Grace Of God Show...
on monday: BY THE GRACE OF GOD are playing in Ludwigshafen (Mannheims twin city) in a rehearsal room... LU - Unterführung am HBF (underpass main station) - start 18h !

Pfingstfest 07.06.2011
4 Days...
the estranged:

Pfingstfest 06.06.2011
5 Days...
terrible feelings!

Pfingstfest 05.06.2011
6 Days....

Pfingstfest 04.06.2011
Few Days Till....
so. only one week left until pfingstfest. till then there will be some cool vids from our bands... let's start with a nice video from the toyotas

Pfingstfest 31.05.2011
Bands On Saturday And Sunday And Running Order
to make it more clearly. here are the bands on saturday and sunday in the planned order from top (start) to bottom (end). still, minor changes are possible saturday - 11/06/2011 STATIC VOID (ger) IDIOPHON (ger) YOUTH AVOIDERS (f) TERRIBLE FEELINGS (se) DEATH WITH A DAGGER (fin) EMPOWERMENT ( ...

Pfingstfest 26.05.2011
Citizens Patrol Confirmed!
CITIZENS PATROL (nl) this maniacs take no prisoners. early 80's hardcore, but with so much fresh energy and drive.

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