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Rock Werchter 24.06.2010
Vampire Weekend Holiday
Vampire Weekend proudly present: the clip to their latest single ?Holiday?. And since the summer holidays are looming round the bend, we love to pass on the link.

Rock Werchter 23.06.2010
Have You Checked Out The Interactive Map Of The Festival Park?
Take a walk at the Festival Park. Virtually of course. Under ?practical info? you will find an interactive map.

Rock Werchter 22.06.2010
You Hear It Right At Rock Werchter
Rock Werchter is among the co-signatories of the charter for the reduction of hearing damage during music events. This is an initiative by the entire Belgian music industry. We support realistic legislation regarding the maximum permitted sound level. Because we want your ears to continue working p ...

Rock Werchter 22.06.2010
Attention To All Specials Fans
We are offering you the chance to meet The Specials at Rock Werchter festival this summer! Everyone with tickets to the festival can enter the competition to have a chance of meeting the band backstage here.

Rock Werchter 15.06.2010
The New Collection Has Arrived
The summer collection for Rock Werchter 2010 has arrived! Hip T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, little hats and tanktops! For woman and man, for people great and small, for the young and the less young. Only available during the festival at the official merchandising stands.

Rock Werchter 15.06.2010
Rock Werchter Goes Mobile
Just the way it is supposed to be in these modern ?we are always online- times. Rock Werchter presents a great mobile application!

Rock Werchter 14.06.2010
From Werchter To The Rest Of The World
New at Rock Werchter: A.S Adventure. And the festival's new supplier is celebrating this with a treat!

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