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Boom Festival 16.09.2010
Boom Diaries
Boom Diaries

Boom Festival 15.08.2010
Boom Bus Lisbon Special Ride On The 18th
Boom Bus Lisbon There will be a special Boom Bus Ride (one way trip) on the 18th of August for all those Boomers that already have a ticket and still want to get the Boom Bus. Please go early to the Lisbon Airport and look for the Boom Bus Stand. It will open at 8:30! Any doubt about how to find ...

Boom Festival 13.08.2010
Calling All Boomers: Bring A Drop Of Water With You To Boom!
A special ceremony will be taking place at The Drop, 19th August at 8.30am, to pay homage to the magical life source that is Water. Wherever you are right now ? or wherever it is you?re coming from ? please bring a drop of water with you to Boom. The water collected from Boomers will be used as pa ...

Boom Festival 13.08.2010
Boom Construction: The Making Of ? Pt3
This SlideShowPro photo gallery requires the Flash Player plugin and a web browser with JavaScript enabled. var flashvars = { paramXMLPath: "", initialURL: escape(document.locati ...

Boom Festival 10.08.2010
Full Moon Acoustic Jam At Sacred Fire!
Journeys to the soul during Boom full moon awaken us to the echoes of primordial wisdom. The Acoustic Trance Night at Sacred Fire evokes the sentiment of the ancient future world we have created. Ganga Giri, Wild Marmalade, Hilight Tribe, Airtist, Tribal Dance and Olive Tree Dance stage an unforg ...

Boom Festival 05.08.2010
Share A Lift To Boom!
Pollute less, have fun on the way and save money by car sharing to Boom! Half the fun surrounding the Boom adventure is the actual getting there. With the festival site located in a unique and beautiful location that?s often proven to be a challenge for many people to reach – it makes sense ...

Boom Festival 03.08.2010
A Special Boom Is Near!
We are finally approaching the day we’ve been awaiting for so long: the opening of Boom 2010. Our ticket sales came to an end on July 31st. It was the end of a long cycle that started back in December. It was with your support through ticket funding that we could start the who ...

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