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Rock Werchter 28.06.2009
The New Collection Has Arrived!
Next week for sale on the festival grounds: the very latest Rock Werchter summer collection for men, women and kids!

Rock Werchter 27.06.2009
Metallica Loves Werchter
We believe this to be very cool. Metallica now has a very special shirt among their merchandise.

Rock Werchter 25.06.2009
5 In A Row For Dave Matthews Band
'Big Whiskey and the GrootGrux King' by Dave Matthews Band is out now. In the United States, there were high hopes for the release of the band's seventh album.

Rock Werchter 25.06.2009
Arsenal's Summer Package
Arsenal are in for a cheerful summer. Two singles from their latest album 'Lotuk' (2008) will be released on vinyl with extra danceable remixes.

Rock Werchter 25.06.2009
Week 85 Voor The Black Box Revelation
'Set Your Head On Fire' by The Black Box Revelation has been in Belgium's Ultratop 100 chart for 85 weeks now. The duo's debut album entered the chart on 17 November 2007.

Rock Werchter 25.06.2009
A Brand-new Bloc Party Single
Bloc Party are releasing a new single in August. And brand-new it really is.

Rock Werchter 25.06.2009
Kings Of Leon To Found Their Own Record Company
Kings Of Leon are now record executives as well. Along with music publisher Bug Music from Los Angeles they want to promote young talent.

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