The Great Escape 2008

From: 15.05.2008 To: 17.05.2008
Das Festival war vor 5120 days

Die Daten zum Event 2022 findest du auf der Infoseite vom
The Great Escape 2022

The Great Escape findet an 25 Locations in Brighton statt und bietet mehrere hundert Bands aus unterschiedlichen Bereichen

Genre: Gemischt
Admission: VVK ca 57,23 € (£45)
Location: Verschiedene Locations
City: Brighton
Country: England
Website: The Great Escape


4 or 5 Magicians, A Place To Bury Strangers, A Silent Film, A.Human, AA Bondy, Accidents Never Happen, Adam Freeland, Aids Wolf, Alamo Race Track, Alan Pownall, Alessi, Alex Metric, Alexander G. Muertos, Alphabeat, Ane Brun, Ape Drape Escape, Artefacts For Space Travel, Arty Karate, Arun Ghosh, Astrid Swan, Aynzli Jones, Aziz, Baddies, Beach House, Beardy Man, Beat Union, Beautiful Balloon, Ben Ottewell (Gomez), Betika, Birdengine, Bishi, Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya, Black Cherry, Black Mountain, Blah Blah Blah, Bloodgroup, Bobby Cook, Bombay Bicycle Club, Bon Iver, Bo-Peep, Born Ruffians, Boy Cried Wolf, Boys In A Band, BRAG, Brandon Steep, Broken Records, Bryn Christopher, Buffalo 77, Bunny Rabbit, Buttonhead, The Bad Robots, The Black Angels, The Black Lips, The Blackout, The Blueskies, The Boat People, The Bookhouse Boys, The Boxer Rebellion, The Burning Leaves, Cadence Weapon, Cage The Elephant, Cancer Bats, Canterbury, Captain, Captain Phoenix, Car Crash Television, Cashier No. 9, Casiokids, Cassie & The Cassettes, Catapult, Charlotte O'Connor, Cheeky Cheeky and The Nosebleeds, Chris T T, Christopher D Ashley, Ciné, City Riots, Clocks, Cocknbull Kid, Collapsing Cities, Computer Club, Cry For Silence, Crystal Castles, Curry & Coco, Cut Cut Shape, Cut Off Your Hands, The Clik Clik, The Corrections, The Crash, Damn Shames, Dash Delete, David E Sugar, Dawn Kinnard, Dead Kids, Dead Wolf Club, Dels, Deluka, Denis Jones, Derek Meins, Devon Sproule, Doll and The Kicks, Dom Meakins, Doping Panda, Dr Usui, Drums Of Death, Duchess Says, Dylan Mondegreen, The Dirty Disco, The Displacements, The Domino State, The Dykeenies, Eamon Hamilton (Brakes), Eastern Confrence Champions, Eat Sugar, Ebony Bones, Edgar Prais, Elizabeth Walling, Elle Milano, Elle s’appelle, Emmy The Great, Envelopes, Envy and Other Sins, Esser, Eugene McGuinness, Example, The Electric City, Fallout DJs, Fanfarlo, Fat Cat DJs, Figure 5, Flamboyant Bella, Flood Of Red, Flykkiller, Foreign Beggars, Frank Hamilton, Friendly Fires, Friends Of The Bride, From Plan To Progress, FrYars, Fujiya & Miyagi, Future Of The Left, The Fratellis, The Futureheads, Gary Go, Gavin Thorpe, Gentle Friendly, George Pringle, Glasvegas, Gloria Cycles, Godwits, Gotye, Grace Emilys, Greco Roman Soundsystem, The Ghost Frequency, The Ghost Of A Thousand, The Go! Team, The Golden Dogs, Hatcham Social, Hattie Snooks, Haunts, Hauschka, Heels Catch Fire, HerelDeduke, Hexes, Hijak Oscar, Hold Fire, Hot Club De Paris, Hot Rocket, The Hold Steady, I Haunt Wizards, Ida Maria, Ikoma, illScarlett, In Case Of Fire, Inner City Dwellers, Intervurt, Ipso Facto, Iron and Wine, Jacobs Stories, James McMorrow, Jay Jay Pistolet, Jennifer Gentle, Jeremy Warmsley, Jim Gipson, Joe (Hot Chip), Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong, Joe Rybicki, John Fairhurst, Johnny Flynn, Johnny Foreigner, Johnny Truant, Jumping Ships, Kaiko, Kelly Stoltz, Kid Harpoon, Kidda DJ, King Of Conspiracy, Kit Ashton, Kovak, Krief, Kris Demeanour, The King Blues, Ladyhawke, Late Of The Pier, Laura Marling, Le Tetsuo, Leon Jean Marie, Lets Wrestle, Levelload, Lightspeed Champion, Little Barrie, Little Fish, Little Lost David, Liz Green, Load.Click.Shoot, Look See Proof, Lovebox Allstars, Lovvers, Lowline, Lucero, Lucy and the Caterpillar, Luke Leighfield, Luke Ritchie, Luke Sital-Singh, The Laurel Collective, The Lionheart Brothers, Madam, Magic Wands, Magistrates, Make Model, Man From Michael, Mark Hamilton, Mascara, Mathew Sawyer & The Ghosts, Maths Class, Matt & Kim, Matt Eaton, Maura Kincaid, Mayor McCa, Me My Head, Mean Poppa Lean, Melodica, Melody and Me, Micachu, Midfield General DJ, Monobright, Most Serene Republic, Ms Sills, Mumdance, Mumford and Sons, Munch Munch, My Federation, Mystery Jets, The Mae Shi, The Manikees, The MFV, The Modelz, The More Assured, Nathan 'Flutebox' Lee + guests, Natty, New Rhodes, Nic Dawson Kelly, Nic Nell, Nicol, Nila Raja, Nils Bech, Nina Nastasia, No Age, Noah & The Whale and Bombay TV, Noah and The Whale, Numb, The Natives, The New York Fund, Oddur, Official Secrets Act, OK Tokyo, Okkervil River, Olympian Fall, One Night Only, Operahouse, Operator Please, Ox. Eagle. Lion. Man., P N A U, Parka, Passenger, Paul Marshall, Peanut Albinos, Peggy Sue & The Pirates, Pete and the Pirates, Peter Lyons, Peter von Poehl, Phoenix Williams, Pivot, Polly Scattergood, Pope Joan, Post War Years, Primary 1, Public Service Announcers, The Pack A.D, The Pepys, Rachel Unthank & The Winter Set, Ratty Rat Rat, Red Stripe Music Award Winner, Restlesslist, Reuben, Riot Riot, Robots in Disguise, Rodney Fisher, Rolo Tomassi, Rosie Oddie, Royworld, Ruthie Phoenix, The Race, The Rascals, The Recoil (Acoustic), The RGB's, The Rifles, The Ruby Suns, The Rushes, S.C.U.M., Sam Amidon, Sam Isaac, Sam Sparro, Sammy Decoster, Santogold, Sarabeth Tucek, Sarah McLeod, Satellite State, Saul Williams, Saving Aimee, School Of Language, Screaming Tea Party, Seeing Scarlet, Semifinalists, Sergeant, Shona Foster, Sian Alice Group, Sigh and Explode, Silje Nes, Skeletons, Sky Larkin, Slow Club, smallwhitelight, Soiled Matress and the Springs, Soko, Sometime, Southern Suspects, Soweto Kinch, Speck Mountain, Sportsday Megaphone, States of Emotions, stopmakingme, Stricken City, Subliminal Girls, Sunset Rubdown, Sweet Sweet Lies, Syd Matters, The Satin Peaches, The Seal Cub Clubbing Club, The Shoes , Talk Taxis, Talula, Tapedeck DJs, Team Waterpolo, Teasing Lulu, Telegraphs, Telepathe, Tellison, Ten Bears, The Teenagers, The Ting Tings, The Twilight Sad, These New Puritans, This City, Thomas Tantrum, Thomas White (Electric Soft Parade / Brakes), Tim and Sam's Tim and the Sam Band..., Times New Viking, Tom Baxter, Tom Brosseau, Tomb Crew DJs, Torngat, Tortoise Shout, Tripwires, Tubelord, Tunng, Turncoat, Turning Green, Twenty-One Crows, Twisted Wheel, Ungdomskulen, The Valentines, The Velvet Hearts, The Video Nasties, The Voluntary Butler Scheme, Valgeir Sigurdsson, Vampire Weekend, Vashti Bunyan, Vetiver, Victoria Darby, Viva Machine, Vola and the Oriental Machine, Volcanoless In Canada, The Wallbirds, The Whip, The Wombats, Way Tangent, We Are The Physics, We Are Wolves, We Smoke Fags, Whiskey Vs Faith, White lies, Whitestar, Wild Beasts, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Wiley, Wintersleep, Wojtek Godzisz, The Xcerts, The XX, XX Teens, The Young Republic, Yeasayer, Yelps, Yoav, Young Knives
The Great Escape The Great Escape

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