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am: 10.06.07 13:42 schrieb finetuner
There will take place a chilling beach session on Thursday 14th 2007
Playa de la Nueva Marbella / Chiringuito Forum, between 3pm-12pm, for free
DJ line up so far:
Jimster (Freerange, Buzzin Fly) UK
Gerd (4Lux, Fortek) NL
Alex Flitsch (Connaisseur) GER
Martin Brodin (Deeplay, Mood Music) SWE
Philharmonix (Metronomic Family)
Till Schuhmann (Soundquake)
and others...

come on an join the ''digital gets physical'' session...

am: 09.03.07 15:23 schrieb a
diesis jahr keine wm hab urlaub gruss an d alles guude a