Existence Project 2007

From: 10.08.2007 To: 13.08.2007
Das Festival war vor 5474 days

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The idea behind the ''Existence Project'' is to join the different tribes of electronic music culture in one event.
When we decided to organize this festival, from the first moment it was clear that we had to find a extraordinary location for this extraordinary event. What we found is an old soviet rocket base, only 1h from Berlin by car. You get there easily via ''Party Highway'' A24 by exit Fehrbellin (just where Antaris festival took place many times). The next train station is Neuruppin from where shuttles will depart to the festival site
There will be two dancefloors, both equipped with a powerful, clear soundsystem. First floor will be progressive trance, goa trance, full on and psy trance (oldschool and newschool). Acts like Haldolium, Sync, Audiomatic, Ski-Fi or Kopfgeister will screw your brain! The other floor offers finest elektro, minimal and tech house. The artist are local heroes from the Berlin underground like Mitja Prinz, UKW, Edelmut, Didgafunk as well as famous international artists like Kombinat100, Dreher & Sm.art or Harry Axt. So there will be a really fine selection of artists from the trance as well as from the techno scene...
The very green spot with all its hills we found will be turned into a multi coloured fantasy world by decoration artists like Chaos Conzept (Antaris OA), Das Ben (Fusion festival) and others. There will be workshops in fireworks, fire performances, black light theatre, etc.
both floors launch friday...

Genre: Goa, Elektro
Admission: VVK 20 € | AK 25 €
Postcode: 10243
City: Berlin
Street: Warschauer Str. 65
Country: Deutschland
Website: www.klangspieler.de


Kombinat 100, Dreher & Sm.art, Harry Axt, Thompson & Kuhl, Carsten Franke, Elektronisches Klanggut, A.L.S., Haldolium, Audiomatic, Sync, Ski Fi, Klopfgeister, Ekoplex, Kularis, Bombax, Lumbago, Mitja Prinz, mollono.bass, Nils Nilson, Didgafunk, Torsten Zarth, Marlose, Roberdo, Krick, Nils Ohrmann, Epitch, Fabiano, Alex Schuster, Claes, Klick, Dj Pauli, Nizzel, Ralle aus Halle, NeuroLogic, Mullekular, Knorr & Schnoor, Koszki, ResQ, Mandhasa, Intellifex, Johann de Beers, Ramamurti & L-Tyrosin, Moarice, KahFau, Influxx, Hutch & B.Foolish, Shiv-a-chim, Sacred Ayin, Lonski & Classen, Australopticus Crew, neobeo, Reiseleiter und Pilot, Nachtpiknick, Geschichtenerzähler

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Existence Project Existence Project

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